Venturing the Vast Vercors: A Unique Mule-Back Adventure in the Heart of Untamed Wilderness

Immerse yourself in the heart of an extraordinary adventure, wander the wild trails of the Vercors, guided by the quiet steps of mules. An unforgettable experience that invites you to discover the wild beauty of this exceptional territory. Follow me on a journey to the rhythm of nature, between majestic mountains and preserved landscapes.

Discovery of the Vercors on the back of a mule: between nature and adventure

Traveling on the back of mule in the Vercors, you are guaranteed to experience an extraordinary adventure, in harmony with nature. Nestled between Drôme and Isère, the Vercors massif offers landscapes of breathtaking beauty, where green valleys and Highlands follow one another, far from the beaten track. This preserved territory is the ideal playground for exploration in complete serenity.

Meeting the mules: valiant companions

Mules are more than just pack animals; they are reliable and courageous traveling companions. Enlisting their services requires a little patience and affection, but once coaxed, they prove remarkably valiant. Their calm and endurance make them ideal allies for exploring the steep paths of the Vercors.

  • Mahé, a 13-year-old mule with a proud bearing
  • Mistral, a robust and intelligent mule

Route through ridges and valleys

The journey often begins at Lus-la-Croix-Haute, and extends towards the last parts of the plateau. The path, marked according to the Joanne du Dauphiné Guide of 1863, leads adventurers through varied and majestic landscapes. The first bends allow you to appreciate the heatwave and the rockery, while the rest reveals beech groves and the Combeau valley, punctuated by the cowbells of the summer pastures.

En route, hikers encounter emblematic mountains such as Mont Aiguille, nicknamed Inascensibilis, and Grand Veymont, nicknamed by some our Everest. Every day brings its share of challenges, with steep slopes, dizzying precipices and welcome moments of respite to admire the view.

The pleasure of bivouac in the heart of nature

After a day of walking, the comfort of a well-equipped bivouac is invaluable. Inspired by the concept of glamping, the night under the stars is enhanced with candlelit dinners, elegant tableware and delicacies. This blend of rusticity and refinement transforms every evening into a unique and memorable experience.

History and memory of Vercors

The Vercors is also a place steeped in history. During the German occupation, this massif was a bastion of French resistance. By traversing the Chaumailloux valley or crossing villages marked by the events of the Second World War, hikers touch a precious part of our collective memory.

Meeting with wild fauna and flora

The Font d’Urle plateau is a true nature sanctuary. Home to more than a thousand plant species, this high-altitude lawn conservatory is ideal for botany enthusiasts. Wildlife enthusiasts will not be left out, with possible encounters with griffon vultures, bearded vultures, and even, during a morning on the lookout, deer or hares. And, who knows, maybe the shy Vercors wolf.

An unforgettable experience

Ending the adventure in apotheosis at Léoncel Abbey, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, is the last stage of this timeless escapade. As the days go by, participants discover the raw and wild beauty of the Vercors, enriched by moments of conviviality and discovery. Glamping, bivouacs, breathtaking landscapes and traces of history make this mule trek an unforgettable experience.