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découvrez comment trouver le moment idéal pour l'achat de votre billet d'avion et économiser sur vos voyages avec nos conseils pratiques.

Find the optimal time to buy a plane ticket

Understanding Airline Ticket Price Dynamics Airfare pricing may seem mysterious at first, right? 🕵️‍♂️ Well, behind the curtain, airlines use sophisticated algorithms that adjust prices based on many factors such as demand, season, major events or even changes in fuel…

découvrez comment les compagnies aériennes transforment les escales en opportunités de voyage pour rendre votre expérience de voyage encore plus enrichissante.

When airlines turn stopovers into travel opportunities

The Revolutionary Concept of Stop-over Let’s imagine two destinations for the price of one, and all this with just one plane ticket! 💡 This is exactly what some stop-over programs implemented by airlines offer. Long considered simple breaks between two…