Unveiling Mexico’s Best-Kept Secret: The Tranquil Nude Beach Paradise with Glittering Golden Sands

Welcome to the sunny shores of Mexico, where golden sand meets total freedom: the most popular nudist beach opens its doors for a unique, relaxed experience. Prepare to dive into a paradise where nudity rhymes with simplicity and where idleness becomes an art of living. Immediate boarding for a sensory journey full of discoveries and warm sand!

An idyllic setting for lovers of freedom

Imagine a perfectly private beach at sunset, lined with elegant cliffs, where visitors stroll hand in hand across the golden sands, as free as the day they were born. welcome to Zipolite, the only legal nudist beach in all of Mexico. Located in a sleepy fishing village on the Pacific coast of the state of Oaxaca, Zipolite, or “Zipo” to short, is often nicknamed the hippie beach of Mexico.

Many small hotels and resorts there offer yoga classes, meditation sessions and even nudity by the pool. Some establishments even have sweat lodges for an even more complete experience.

Zipolite: a hippie story and an LGBTQ+ future

The story of Zipolite is as charming as it is romantic. In the 1970s, a young Californian named Gloria moved to this small village, married a local fisherman and opened Gloria’s Shambala, the region’s first hippie restaurant, meditation center and hotel. Featuring thatched cabins and dormitories perched on the jungle-covered hills, the venue offers breathtaking beach views.

Gloria, now a widow, is still an emblematic figure of Zipo. During your visit, you might even persuade her to bring out her old photo albums and share unique stories from the city’s past. For more than 25 years, she has hosted a mindfulness-focused New Year’s party, where guests meditate and move around the beach in white dresses trimmed with fresh flowers.

Increasingly, Zipolite is recognized as a growing vacation destination for the LGBTQ+ community. The residents are very welcoming and have even elected a gay member to the city council in 2022. The famous hotel Casa Nudista, which caters to gay men, hosts a legendary pool party every Saturday, open to everyone — with mandatory nudity.

Tips for planning your trip to Zipolite

To get to Zipolite, the closest airport is Bay of Huatulco, located an hour by taxi. Once there, everything is within walking distance, but avoid swimming in the ocean. Despite its popularity with surfers, Zipolite is one of the most dangerous swimming beaches in the world due to its treacherous currents.

For those who prefer safe swimming, newer hotels in the area have swimming pools, like the El Alquimista, which also offers beachfront cabanas, a spa and a restaurant under a grandiose palapa roof.

Zipolite’s must-haves

  • Las Delicias: travelers’ favorite restaurant according to TripAdvisor, ideal for a breakfast while enjoying a French press coffee, comfortably seated in a hammock.
  • Playa del Amor: a small beach at the eastern end of the town, accessible via a rock staircase providing a perfect setting for admiring spectacular sunsets.
  • The hippie night market: a perfect place to find souvenirs and unique handicrafts.

With experiences like these, Zipolite might just convert you into a nudist, so why not explore other great all-inclusive nude beach resorts, three of which are in Mexico, or check out our list of the best nude beaches in the USA?