Sailing in Luxury: A comprehensive review of the Cruise Journey aboard the Queen Anne

Immediate boarding for a luxurious and festive adventure aboard the Queen Anne! Prepare to sail the seas and discover a thrilling critique of cruise travel, blending exploration and celebration. Fasten your seat belts, the journey promises to be rich in emotions and discoveries aboard this exceptional ship.

The Queen Anne: Modern elegance at sea

Last week, the Queen Anne made a memorable entrance to Liverpool, marking an emotional stop on a circular cruise that included stops in England, Scotland and Ireland. Just a few weeks after its launch, the banks of the Mersey came to life, offering a vibrant spectacle to the many visitors and passengers gathered for this event.

This festive stop was part of a cruise celebrating the history of seafaring from Belfast to Edinburgh via Cobh, while incorporating a more modern style with touches Art Deco which recall Cunard’s glorious past.

A journey rich in history

The journey, starting from Southampton, paid homage to Cunard’s past, including the Belfast-built Titanic. Even after so many years, Harland & Wolff’s giant cranes dominate the landscape near the modernist Titanic Museum.

While strolling in Belfast, we took a break at the Crown Bar, a National Trust-run pub dating from 1826, offering a retro vibe perfect for this nostalgic trip.

Stay in Cobh, Cork

In Cobh, the port of Cork’s immense natural bay, memories abound. This is where the Titanic left Europe for its first and last crossing of the Atlantic. The remains of the wooden quay and the Cunard sign on an abandoned building recall this tragic story.

A moving memorial honors the passengers and crew of the Lusitania, torpedoed in 1915, the survivors of which were brought here.

Christening ceremony in Liverpool

The Queen Anne’s arrival in Liverpool was the highlight, with a spectacular naming ceremony dedicated not to a single person, but to the city itself. Represented by five local celebrities, Liverpool took on the role of godfather of this majestic ship.

The festivities included musical performances, including from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. The evening ended in apotheosis with dazzling fireworks and a DJ performance provided by the actor/comedian Craig Charles.

Discoveries aboard the Queen Anne

The Queen Anne can accommodate almost 3,000 passengers and offers a feeling of space and lightness. Modern design with subtle hints of Art Deco can be found everywhere on board, from the intricate patterns of the carpets to the huge bronze image that dominates the atrium.

The heart of the ship is the Pavilion, a swimming pool area with a retractable glass roof, perfect in all weathers. From live music to films in collaboration with the British Film Institute, this space is always bustling.

Culinary delights and places to relax

Dining options are plentiful, ranging from the Britannia, a two-story restaurant, to Grills for in-suite passengers. For a more casual cuisine, you can opt for the Golden Lion, which offers pub food.

Bars are omnipresent, offering varied atmospheres. For a more gourmet meal, Sir Samuel’s Steakhouse is a must, although the price is a little high.

Various entertainment

The Queen Anne puts forward a rich and varied program. Performances from famous actors like Celia Imrie at the concerts of Midge Ure, including burlesque and comedy shows, each evening offers a new experience.

The onboard theater hosts a variety of acts, including string trios and popular comedians, ensuring that every passenger finds something to suit their tastes.

A unique experience

Queen Anne’s suites, adorned with modern art with a historic touch, offer unparalleled comfort. The presence of quality porcelain and signature Cunard gin in each suite recalls the tradition and timeless elegance of the company.

Every corner of the ship breathes history and innovation, confirming that Cunard knows how to combine tradition and modernity.

Useful information

The Queen Anne alternates between cruises in the Mediterranean and northern waters, with departures from Southampton. For its inaugural season, it will depart from Hamburg on January 7 for a 111-night journey around the world.

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