Revolutionize Your Beach Days: The Ingenious Trick to Banish Damp Towels Forever

You probably know that unpleasant feeling of having to fold up your still damp beach towel after a sunny day. But don’t worry, I have a brilliant tip to share with you to say goodbye to wet towels and hello to absolute comfort!

Valentinrussanov/Getty Images

Each outing to the beach can become a real headache with those eternally wet towels. But be careful, I’m about to reveal to you a trick which will transform your tanning sessions! Forget the wet towel and think of an accessory often relegated to the back of the cupboard: the yoga mat.

Why choose a yoga mat for the beach?

Imagine yourself relaxing on warm sand. Everything is perfect, except your towel which quickly becomes damp. Enter the yoga mat! Not only does it stay dry, but it also offers you unparalleled comfort compared to an old, worn out towel.

For those who like to catch their eyes while being comfortably seated, a yoga mat is the ideal accessory. It offers several advantages:

  • It does not retain moisture.
  • It provides more than cushion and support.
  • It is easy to clean.

How to choose the right yoga mat for the beach?

If you already use a yoga mat at home or at the gym, opt for a model dedicated to your beach outings. Elements like sand, sun and salt water can damage your carpet over time.

Here are some tips for making the right choice:

  • Choose a rug that is resistant to outdoor elements.
  • Opt for a mat with a carrying strap.
  • Consider foldable models, perfect for traveling.

Maintaining your yoga mat after a day at the beach

Don’t let your carpet of yoga lying around in the trunk of your car after a day at the seaside. To make it last, follow these few maintenance tips:

  • Let it air dry to make it easier to remove sand.
  • Clean it regularly with fresh water and a suitable product.
  • Avoid rolling it until it is completely dry.

With these simple tips, no more hassle with wet beach towels! All you have to do is make the most of your sunny days, comfortably seated on your yoga mat.