How to manage your budget when traveling to Mauritius

Prepare your wallet for the dream island

Knowing what money to bring and how to manage it is crucial for your paradise vacation in Mauritius! 😎 The local currency is the Mauritian rupee, and although you can find places accepting the euro, it is the rupee that reigns supreme. To avoid disadvantageous exchange rates, change a large portion of your money upon arrival at the airport or at local banks and keep some cash in euros for emergencies.

Choosing your lifestyle in Mauritius

The level of your budget will strongly depend on your travel style. A backpack and public transport, or the luxury of seaside resorts? 🌴 Opt for local buses and street snacks for an authentic and economical experience, or indulge in all-inclusive resorts for a comfortable stay.

Optimize daily expenses

  • Accommodation: Options vary greatly in price. Consider family guesthouses to save money or share a villa if you are in a group.
  • Meal: Eating local is not only delicious but also very affordable. Local markets and small restaurants offer real savings compared to more touristy restaurants.
  • Transportation: Public transportation in Mauritius is a boon for budget-conscious travelers. Taxis can get expensive, consider renting a bike or car for more freedom.

Piggy bank for activities

In Mauritius, the possibilities for adventure are endless! 🏄 Diving, boat trips, and hiking are a must, but can quickly add to your budget. Look for activity packs or negotiate group rates if possible. Some activities, such as visiting national parks, are inexpensive and extremely rewarding.

Management of extras

Tipping is not obligatory in Mauritius, but it is well received especially in service environments. Allocate 5-10% of your service expenses for tipping. 💸 In addition, keep a reserve for memories and unforeseen events. Prioritize meaningful and local purchases to truly bring a piece of Mauritius back with you.

In Mauritius, every street corner and beach has its own treasures. With a well-planned budget, you can not only explore this magnificent island but also experience its rich and diverse cultures without breaking the bank. Enjoy your trip and enjoy the wonders of Mauritius without financial worries! 🌞🌊