Exploring the Versatility and Elegacy: Our Review on Haglöfs’ L.I.M and Vina Bags

Ready for a dive into the heart of the world of Haglöfs brand backpacks? Today, we give you our detailed opinion on the L.I.M and Vina models. Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery of these essential companions for your outdoor adventures.

A story of heritage and commitment

Founded in 1914 by the visionary Wiktor Haglöfs, the Swedish brand Haglöfs has always been on a mission to simplify outdoor living. Renowned for the quality of its equipment, Haglöfs places emphasis on sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact, which will undoubtedly appeal to outdoor enthusiasts who are aware of their ecological footprint.

Focus on the L.I.M range from Haglöfs

The L.I.M (Less Is More) range from Haglöfs embodies a minimalist approach without compromising on functionality. Designed for dynamic activities, these bags are both light and efficient. For example, the backpack L.I.M 25 combines lightness, ventilation and multiple pockets, thus meeting the expectations of adventurers looking for comfort and efficiency.

L.I.M 25 bag test

Thibaud and Marjorie, two advisors in Grenoble and Chambéry respectively, put the Haglöfs L.I.M 25 bag to the test in various climatic conditions. They unanimously appreciated his lightness and his stability, as well as its sober and versatile design. Well-designed pockets allow for efficient organization.

Good points :

  • Lightness and comfort.
  • Optimal stability.
  • Well-organized pockets.
  • High resistance of materials.

Negative points :

  • No back adjustment.

Performance of the L.I.M 35 bag

Matthieu, technical advisor in Chambéry, tested the L.I.M 35 and was delighted by its light weight, ideal for short hikes and fast treks. Its back ventilation is particularly well designed to maintain optimal comfort during long walks.

Good points :

  • Impressive lightness.
  • Effective back ventilation.
  • Large side pockets for easy access.

Negative points :

  • Limited number of exterior storage spaces.
  • Risk of rapid soiling of the yellow color.
  • Absence of a stick holder.

Focus on the Vina 30 bag

Miriam and Mathéo respectively evaluated the Vina 30 bag in various contexts. Miriam was seduced by the exceptional comfort provided by the Air Back suspension system, ensuring effective back ventilation. Mathéo, for his part, appreciated theside opening with double slider facilitating quick access to things.

Good points :

  • Exceptional comfort thanks to the Air Back suspension system.
  • Multitude of pockets and compression straps for effective organization.
  • Practical side opening.

Negative points :

  • Rigid shoulder strap foam.
  • Hip belt requiring careful adjustment.

Discovery of the Vina 40 bag

Nicolas and Emeline tested the Vina 40 bag. Nicolas, used to large capacities, praised its lightness and his ventilation system back. Emeline appreciated the various exterior pockets and the carrying system for poles and ice axe.

Good points :

  • Lightness and effective ventilation.
  • Quick access thanks to the side opening.
  • Practical organization with various exterior pockets.

Negative points :

  • No side pockets for water bottles.
  • Settings for smaller users to improve.

In short, the brand’s backpacks Haglöfs combine lightness, comfort and functionality, whether for short hikes or extended treks. The L.I.M range stands out for its effective simplicity while the Vina offers first-rate comfort and organization. It’s now up to you to choose the one that will accompany your adventures!