Unveiling Italy’s Hidden Gems: 14 Enchanting Villages in Liguria You Simply Must Visit

Welcome to Liguria, a land of charm and authenticity in Italy! Let yourself be seduced by the discovery of the 14 most charming villages in the region, real treasures not to be missed during your next getaway. Prepare yourself for an immersion in the heart of these picturesque jewels which promise you unforgettable moments and authentic encounters. Follow the guide for an adventure full of surprises and wonders around every corner.

Cinque Terre

THE Cinque Terre undoubtedly represent the quintessence of Ligurian beauty. These five colorful villages — Monterosso al Mare, Manarola, Vernazza, Corniglia and Riomaggiore — clinging to the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, offer breathtaking landscapes. To fully enjoy their charm, choose a visit outside the summer season.


Nicknamed the little “Italian Saint-Tropez”, Portofino is known for its picturesque harbor, surrounded by colorful houses and luxurious yachts. This fishing village has managed to maintain its authenticity while adding a touch of luxury with chic boutiques and gourmet restaurants.


Located in the “Bay of Poets”, Lerici is famous for its picturesque coastal landscape and rich literary heritage. Be sure to visit the castle for stunning views of the gulf, followed by lunch on the terrace to taste Ligurian specialties like focaccia and seafood.


Just 3 kilometers from Lerici, Tellaro offers peace and quiet away from the crowds. This small fishing village seduces with its splendid panoramas, its colorful houses and its typical streets. Although there is no beach, the charming little harbor is perfect for a peaceful stroll.


With his medieval charm, Cervo is an enchanting seaside resort. You will be seduced by the Chiesa San Giovanni Battista, a baroque jewel, its winding alleys and its pedestrian promenade on the seafront. Enjoy the authenticity of the place for an unforgettable experience.


Mysterious village, Triora is renowned for its witch stories dating back to the 16th century. Lost at the bottom of the Argentina valley, this medieval village seduces with its unique atmosphere and its numerous hiking possibilities along the trails of the Ligurian Alps Regional Natural Park.


In the heart of the Nervia valley, Dolceacqua is known for its iconic arched bridge, painted by Monet in 1884. Its old cobbled streets and the remains of a medieval castle add to its charm. Ten minutes to the north, canyoning enthusiasts will love the turquoise waters of the Barbaira canyon.


In the upper Nervia valley, above Dolceacqua, Pigna offers tranquility and authenticity. Explore its steep streets and typical squares or go hiking in the surrounding nature for a relaxing day.


Ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Apricale will charm you with its unique architecture. Perched on the hillside, its houses seem to fit together. Walk through its tiny streets to discover the heart of this magnificent village.

Rocchetta Nervina

Between green forests and torrents, Rocchetta Nervina is a hidden gem. The Nervia River runs through the village, offering waterfalls and pools perfect for summer swimming. A little corner of paradise for lovers of nature and calm.

Castel Vittorio

Near Pigna, Castel Vittorio is a picturesque medieval village. Its cobbled streets and traditional stone houses will delight visitors looking for tranquility. Don’t miss out on tasting the local cuisine in the small family restaurants.

Colla Micheri

With its spectacular views of the Mediterranean, Colla Micheri is a picturesque hamlet to discover. Built along the ancient Roman road Julia Augusta, this village is ideal for a walk in the calm of the Mediterranean scrub.


Located in a wooded valley, Zuccarello seduced by its authenticity. Stroll along the main street lined with arcades or the alleys decorated with plants. For walking enthusiasts, several hiking trails leave from the village.


In the heart of the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara natural park, Brugnato is a little marvel. This village attracts for its characteristic architecture, its pastel colors and its culinary delights, such as chestnut specialties from the surrounding forests.

Get ready for great discoveries in Liguria!