Unraveling Liège: City of Rich History and Lush Urban Lungs

In the heart of the city of Liège lies a treasure of inestimable value: its rich historical heritage. Like a vital lung, it breathes into the city a unique soul and history, anchored in the twists and turns of time. Let’s set off to discover these vestiges full of memory and emotion, which make Liège an essential destination for lovers of history and culture.

From the Market Square to the Coteaux de la Citadelle

Take a walk from the Market place to the Coteaux de la Citadelle to discover the district of beautiful emblematic buildings and urban activity, with its lively bars and restaurants. This place is a total immersion in the rich history and contemporary life of Liège.

Saint-Paul Cathedral and its surroundings

On the edge of the majestic Saint Paul’s cathedral, a unique atmosphere reigns. A visit to this building, particularly its treasure and the symbolic sculpture of the triumphant angel, is essential. The neighborhood is also known for its bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities, frequented by students and history lovers.

Gothic treasures and the Market Square

Immerse yourself in history by visiting iconic monuments like the Palace of the Prince-Bishops, the splendid Saint-Barthélémy Collegiate Church and its 12th century baptismal funds. Don’t forget the Grand Curtius, a captivating museum housing varied collections of weapons, glass and religious art, and the Market Square with its Perron, an unalterable symbol of communal freedoms.

Historic and atypical streets

  • Rue Hors-Château, a road steeped in history where you can discover the Impasse de l’Ange and its picturesque houses.
  • The Halle aux Viandes, an architectural gem dating from 1546, now a tourist office.
  • La Grand Poste converted into a coworking space, Food Market and rooftop.

The Mirror City and living culture

Installed in the old Sauvenière baths, the Mirror City is a multifunctional cultural venue hosting conferences and exhibitions. The library offers a wide selection of literary gems, also including the Reflektor, an eclectic concert hall.

Shopping and creative discoveries

The “Le Carré” district is famous for its small pedestrian streets, ideal for shopping and discoveries. In particular, visit rue Souverain-Pont for arty objects, rue En Neuvice for artisanal creations, and Carré Noir for its unique pralines and truffles.

The essential bars and places to relax

Among the must-see places, the Milk Pot stands out for its eclectic atmosphere and colorful decor. Located at 9 rue des Sœurs de Hasque, it is an unmissable meeting place for lovers of conviviality and artistic atmospheres.

The Coteaux de la Citadelle and the Bueren mountain

For the more daring, climb the 374 steps of the Bueren mountain. This historic engraving connects the Féronstrée district to the citadel. Discover along the way, the Impasse des Ursulines and the charming Terrasses des Minimes for a breathtaking view of Liège. Take a break at the Brasserie Curtius to taste craft beers in a refined historic setting.

Addresses not to be missed

  • Hôtel Neuvice: A comfortable hotel located in Neuvice in a dynamic shopping district. Website : www.hotelneuvice.be
  • Restaurant Merry: A creative table with innovative cuisine. Website : www.merry-restaurant.be
  • Restaurant Moment: A mix of 18th century and contemporary decoration with a good choice of dishes. Website : www.moment-liège.be
  • La Marie Pekette: Original decoration shop where the owner will tell you local stories. Website : www.lepetitgrandbazar.be

To know more

For more information, visit www.visitwallonia.be. Also discover circuits such as that of the collegiate churches, the Da Vinci exhibition, or the Simenon spring, and immerse yourself in fascinating readings about Liège.