ideas for a teenage vacation without parents

Language stays to open up to the world

Language stays abroad are an excellent opportunity for teenagers to immerse themselves in a new culture while learning a language. Let’s imagine a summer in New York or Barcelona, ​​attending classes in the morning and exploring the city in the afternoon with young people from all over the world. This is the perfect opportunity to gain autonomy and confidence, while making international friends.

Volunteer camps, an enriching human adventure

Participating in youth volunteer projects is another captivating idea. These projects may concern environmental protection, the restoration of historic sites or participation in the construction of social housing. In addition to learning new skills and discovering various professions, these stays develop team spirit and a sense of solidarity among the young participants.

Getaways with friends in idyllic settings

What’s better than a vacation with best friends full of adventure? Organizing a camping trip near the beach or on a farm in the countryside can be the adventure of a lifetime for teenagers. Outdoor activities, evenings around a campfire and independence, under a caring eye of supervision, will allow young people to create unforgettable memories.

Focus on a passion thanks to thematic camps

Camps dedicated to sports, arts, science or any other exciting discipline are perfect for teenagers who want to develop a specific skill or hobby. Whether it is surfing, dance, robotics or theater, these intensive programs are supervised by professionals who guide young people in their learning while having fun.

Urban adventures to discover major cities

Exploring big cities like Paris, London or Tokyo can be extremely educational. Activities can include museum visits, local cooking workshops, exploring architecture and other cultural gems. This allows young people to familiarize themselves with urban planning and different cultures while benefiting from group dynamics.