Exploring London’s Hidden Gems: 8 Compelling Reasons to Visit Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs

Welcome to Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs in London, two captivating areas of the British capital full of surprises and unique experiences. Discover 8 essential reasons to visit these dynamic and modern neighborhoods.

Witness Continuous Transformation

Canary Wharf, one of the two financial centers of London, is undergoing a spectacular transformation. Once dominated by financial institutions, this neighborhood now hosts an impressive diversity of non-financial tenants. Since 2020, it is even possible to live there in ultramodern and ecological residences. This development makes the area attractive to both visitors and locals, thanks to its exceptional cleanliness and safety.

Discover the Charm of the Past and Present

At West India Quay, explore the historical evolution of Canary Wharf at Museum of London Docklands. Here you will learn how this neighborhood once associated with Caribbean trade became what it is today. Right next to it, the Crossrail Place Rooftop Garden offers a botanical oasis in the sky, with plant species from the four corners of the world.

Immerse yourself in Urban Art

Canary Wharf is home to London’s largest collection of outdoor public art. Download the Canary Wharf Art Map and go on an artistic treasure hunt. In January, don’t miss the Winter Lights festival, a magical event that lights up winter nights with breathtaking artistic installations.

Sip a Cocktail on the Quay

For an upscale experience, head to The Lowback at Hawskmoor. This floating bar offers innovative cocktails like the Reformed Pornstar and the Grasshopper. In good weather, enjoy The Sipping Room’s open-air terrace or take a cruise on a wood-fired jacuzzi boat.

Take a Step Back to Admire the Skyline

The views of the Canary Wharf skyline are stunning from various points in London. Whether it is Greenwich Park, of Sky Garden in the Walkie-Talkie or Alexandra Palace, each perspective offers a unique panorama. For a relaxing walk, head to Millwall Dock, where water activities like kayaking and SUP are available.

Explore the Isle of Dogs

From Millwall Dock, venture to the Isle of Dogs. In stark contrast to the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf, this area reveals more modest buildings. Mystery still surrounds the origin of the island’s name, but there you will find the Mudchute Park and Farm, an urban farm in the heart of the city.

Walk around the island

Follow the Thames Path for a scenic stroll along the riverbank. Admire the views of the O2 And Greenwich on one side, and the City on the other. At the southern end of the island, take the fascinating Greenwich Foot Tunnel which crosses the river to reach Greenwich. Take a break at the historic pub The Ferry House for an authentic experience.

Prepare Your Visit

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