Revamping Travel: Marseille Airport’s Mega 210 Million Euro Investment for an Enhanced Passenger Experience

In the south of France, Marseille airport is about to get a makeover! With an investment of 210 million euros, numerous improvements are planned to offer an ever more pleasant travel experience to passengers. Let’s discover together the projects that will transform this emblematic airport.

A major investment for an airport of the future

Marseille Provence airport has decided to strike hard by investing 210 million euros in improving the passenger experience. This massive investment aims not only to modernize infrastructure but also to significantly simplify the passenger journey.

Large-scale work for better fluidity

Terminal 1, after three years of intense work, opens its doors in a completely reinvented version. One of the great advantages of this renovation is the simplification of the passenger journey, theregistration at the security check. Thanks to the merger of Halls A and B, travelers can now go to a single check-in point and a single checkpoint.

Reduced waiting times to optimize your stay

The airport’s new objective is to limit waiting times to less than ten minutes for 90% of passengers. With 18 new checkpoints safety and brand new treadmills, efficiency and speed are there.

Technological innovations for a simplified experience

The modernization of Marseille airport is not limited to infrastructure. New technologies have been introduced to make going through the airport easier:

  • A 3D scanner for security checks, allowing liquids and electrical devices to be left in luggage.
  • Self-service kiosks for check-in and baggage drop-off.
  • A barcode system to track and locate suitcases in real time.

A tribute to the region

In addition to these practical improvements, the new airport highlights the Provençal culture through its aesthetic and the local brands present in the terminal. Not only does the airport become more functional, but it also offers a taste of Provence as soon as passengers arrive.

A vision focused on the future

This is only the beginning of the major transformations for Marseille Provence airport. Terminal 2, dedicated to low-cost airlines, will also be modernized in the near future. With a target of 12 to 13 million passengers by 2030, there is no shortage of projects to make this airport an essential hub.