Experience the Thrill: Unveiling the Unique Intricacies of The Chausson Test 2024 Indoor Event

Immerse yourself in the unique world of the Test Chausson 2024, an extraordinary indoor event where performance, innovation and passion for mountain sports combine. Let yourself be transported by the electric atmosphere of this unique event which brings together amateurs and professionals around the same passion: climbing.

The 2024 Chausson Test took an unexpected turn this year. Initially planned outdoors in Fontainebleau, it ultimately had to take place indoors at Karma due to the whims of Mother Nature. A last minute decision taken on the Friday before the event, plunging the organizing team into a frenzy of reorganization. And yet, this setback turned into a memorable and unique experience for all participants.

Adaptation and Success

The days of Sunday June 16 and Monday June 17 were marked by special entertainment. On Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., climbers stormed the walls of the Karma room. On Monday, the event continued from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., despite the partial closure of certain lanes for a class. This reduction in space has in no way diminished the general enthusiasm. In fact, after a busy day on Sunday, being able to finish early on Monday was a real welcome moment of relaxation.

Active Customer Participation

The big news this year was the invitation to customers to actively participate in the Chausson Test. Thanks to a draw organized at the shop at 44, 5 customers had the chance to climb on Sunday and 5 others on Monday. This initiative was crowned with success, with 4 customers present on Sunday and 2 on Monday, enriching the event with a new and stimulating dynamic.

The Game: Test as many slippers as possible

During these two days, a little game captivated the enthusiasts: test as many pairs of slippers as possible! Brands loved this opportunity, which allowed them to collect constructive and immediate feedback. All the participants played the game, with a special mention for Valentin, from 44 Schools, who tried on no less than 35 pairs of slippers. On average, each climber tested around 10 pairs, discovering iconic brands like La Sportiva And Scarpa, as well as more confidential brands like Evolv And Madrock.

Workshops Rich in Discoveries

Two workshops enriched this edition: a warm-up workshop offered by YY Vertical and a knee pad testing workshop led by Blackpad. These moments allowed participants to prepare physically and test new equipment in real conditions, thus strengthening everyone’s interest and commitment.

Atmosphere and Conviviality

As tradition dictates, on Sunday evening, all participants gathered for a friendly and warm dinner, closing two days of intense testing and passionate sharing. This moment of conviviality was the icing on the cake, leaving everyone with lasting memories.