Caution for Summer Travellers: The National Park You Should Steer Clear of for Your Safety

Summer is the ideal season to explore national parks, but some of them can present dangers for visitors. Find out which national parks to avoid to ensure your safety during your summer adventures.

Antoine Dumont, our editor-in-chief and expert in tourism and safety, enlightens us today on the dangers to avoid during your summer adventures. And lo and behold, one of the most emblematic national parks in the United States tops the list of destinations to avoid in summer: the National Park of Death Valley.

A haunting but deadly landscape

Despite the snowy cliffs that surround it, the Death Valley is famous throughout the world for being the lowest point in North America and especially for its scorching heat. In summer, its lowest parts become a real oven. Temperatures can rise to extreme levels there, reaching 54°C! A heat that can prove fatal for unwary visitors.

Very real risks

There is no shortage of stories of heat-related tragedies. In July 2023, a hiker tragically succumbed to scorching temperatures of 49°C. Another unfortunate man was found not far from his vehicle, abandoned due to lack of fuel, while the heat reached 51°C. These stories, although shocking, are unfortunately not rare.

How to Survive Death Valley

If your heart still pushes you to visit this breathtaking place, it would be better to follow these few recommendations:

  • Hydrate yourself : Drink at least a gallon of water a day, or more if you plan to hike.
  • Plan your route : Avoid going down into the valley in the middle of the day and favor higher areas.
  • Equip yourself : Carry salty snacks or electrolyte drinks to compensate for salt loss.
  • Monitor your health : Be alert for signs of heatstroke and immediately seek shade or an air-conditioned car if you feel unwell.
  • Prepare for the unexpected : A vehicle breaking down in this heat can quickly become a critical situation. Always have a plan B.

When to Visit Death Valley

For those who cannot resist the call of this region, the best option remains to recalibrate your calendar. Prefer milder seasons like winter or spring where temperatures are more bearable. This way, you can enjoy its desert landscapes while remaining safe.

In summary, although the Death Valley is a fascinating place, going there in summer is an unnecessary risk. There are other periods and other natural wonders to discover without putting your life in danger.

Do not forget : nature is enjoyed with caution. Happy holidays and be careful!