Leica Triumphs as Host of the Old Camper Advisors Team Training and Visit: A Captivating Dive into Photography

At the heart of photographic excellence, Leica recently opened its doors to the Vieux Campeur team of advisors for a most enriching visit and training. A meeting between outdoor and photography enthusiasts who have combined know-how and expertise to the delight of adventure lovers.

A Meeting at the Heart of Optical Excellence

The instrumentation team Old Camper had the wonderful opportunity to visit the head office of Leica in Wetzlar, Germany. Founded in 1849, this German brand is famous worldwide for its high-quality cameras and sports optics, including binoculars, spotting scopes and rangefinders. This event allowed our teams to receive in-depth training on Leica’s exceptional products, ensuring a better customer experience for photography and outdoor enthusiasts.

Precise and Specialized Training

Our day began with careful training, orchestrated by Leica experts. Our advisors discovered the technical specificities and innovations that make this legendary brand famous. This training, specially designed for our team, aimed to enable us to master every detail of Leica products to offer our customers informed and personalized advice.

Leica trainers passionately shared their expertise, helping us understand the intricacies of different models of cameras and sports optics. The discussions were rich and informative, covering various aspects such as:

  • Lens precision
  • The robustness of the materials used
  • Cutting-edge technologies in rangefinders and other optical instruments

Discovery of the Manufacturing Process

We were all looking forward to seeing the factory where Leica’s high-end products come to life. It was an unforgettable experience that allowed us to closely observe the meticulous manufacturing process and attention to detail that characterizes every Leica product. We were able to understand how these exceptional instruments are designed, from the initial idea to final production.

Thanks and Recognition

We would like to express our gratitude to Leica for this invitation and for the warm welcome they gave us. This training was an invaluable opportunity for our team, allowing us to gain in-depth knowledge of the products we recommend to our customers. Thanks to this experience, we will be able to provide informed advice adapted to the specific needs of each enthusiast of photography and outdoor activities.

We are delighted to have been able to go behind the scenes of how Leica products are made and to strengthen our partnership with this iconic brand. By sharing this enriching experience with our customers, we hope to help them make more informed choices and better appreciate the exceptional quality of Leica products.