Unleashing the Magic of Parc Astérix: The Definitive Guide to a Flawless Family Adventure

Welcome to Parc Astérix, the ideal place for a family day full of adventure and discovery! Follow this ultimate guide to make the most of your visit and experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Attractions, shows, practical tips: everything you need for a perfect day awaits you here. At your menhirs, set, go!

Arrival at Parc Astérix

To start an unforgettable day at Asterix Park, we advise you to arrive a little before opening. The park opens at 10 a.m., but it is possible to access the first area, Via Antica, from 9:30 a.m. You can take the opportunity to take photos with Asterix or Obelix, often present in the area.

Start the day gently: Pégase Express

Upon opening, head straight to Pegasus Express. This family roller coaster is accessible to children from 1 meter tall, accompanied by an adult. Avoid long lines by getting there early. The most daring can then try Lernaean Hydra nearby.

Discovery of the Gallic Village

After a few emotions, take a stroll through the reconstruction of the Gallic village. Visit the houses of Asterix and Obelix, the fish stall of Ordralfabetix, and buy souvenirs at Cétautomatix. Many comic strip characters are also available for souvenir photos.

Immerse yourself in the adventure: Menhir Express

One of the park’s star attractions is undoubtedly Menhir Express. Why not take advantage of it in the morning when the wait is still reasonable? Then try attractions like Cauldrons or the Little Storm for quick drying after your wet passage.

Relaxation At Girofolix

Need a break? Direction At Girofolix for a fascinating attraction where the nacelles seem to collide at any time. If the little ones prefer something quieter, the playground Golden Boar is a great alternative.

Lunch break at Dolmen Gourmand

For lunch break, go to Dolmen Gourmand. This restaurant offers excellent value for money with its high-end burgers. Then, to digest, you can try The Trail of Hurray, a family roller coaster, or discover the Dogmatix Forest with its miniature attractions for the little ones.

Cooling down with Pirates’ Revenge

Early in the afternoon, head to Revenge of the Pirates : Large Splash. This attraction, rethemed in 2024, is a great way to cool off with your family. After getting wet, you can also try Romus and Rapidus, a buoy descent guaranteeing good splashing.

Well-deserved rest with Caesar’s Spies

Take a moment of relaxation with Caesar’s Spies, a leisurely stroll overlooking the park. If you still have energy, go back and get wet with Romus and Rapidus.

Let’s attend the Gauloise Parade

Don’t miss the park parade at 4 p.m. Sit near the lake to enjoy the show before joining the Panoramix theater to attend the musicalIt’s madness!“.

A well-deserved snack

After the Panoramix show, stop at Vanillecassix to taste the best ice cream in the park, made by the French ice cream parlor Louise. Children will love the flavors in the colors of the comic book heroes.

Return to sensations with Discobélix

Then meet for an adventure with Discobelix. If this attraction seems too intense for you, try the river of Elis or entertain the children Odous games with their water jets.

Lake crossing in Galère

Continue your day with a tour of Galley, this pendulum boat. Accessible from 1.20m, this attraction can be replaced by other activities in the area. Viking area for the little ones.

Dive into the Oxygenarium

End your aquatic day with a ride in theOxygenarium, a water slide for the whole family. No thrills, just relaxation and laughter.

Let’s look Attention Menhir

Before ending the day, take a seat for a 4D film, Be careful Menhir. Accessible to all, with or without a dynamic seat, this attraction takes the whole family into the Gallic village.

Final in style with the Tour de Numérobis

For the last thrill of the day, try The Tower of Numérobis, an attraction opening in 2024 with its 40 meters height. If that sounds too impressive, SOS Tournevis is a gentler alternative.

Experience the Gallic Banquet

To end this memorable day, take part in the Gallic banquet, a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with wild boar, cervoise and the emblematic characters creating the entertainment.

Night show to end in apotheosis

End your day with night show, offering a spectacular fireworks display on the lake. A magical finale to an exceptional family day.

Schedules and prices

THE Asterix Park is open every day until September 1, then Wednesdays and weekends in September, weekends and All Saints’ Day holidays in October, the weekend of November 9 to 11, then for the Christmas holidays.


From Paris, use the RER B to Roissy – Charles-de-Gaulle airport, then a shuttle (10 euros round trip per person). You can also opt for the long-distance Flixbus or Blablacar buses, or go there by car via the A1 motorway (parking 20 euros).

The rates

Prices vary between 42 and 62 euros per day for an adult, depending on the date of visit and the flexibility of the ticket. The Gallic banquet costs 29 euros per child and 59 euros per adult.