Unveiling Hossegor: The Must-Visit Travel Gem of 2024!

Welcome to Hossegor, a true jewel of the Atlantic coast which continues to seduce travelers in search of heavenly beaches and authenticity. In 2024, this unmissable destination promises to amaze you with its sublime landscapes, its relaxed atmosphere and its numerous activities. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience in Hossegor, between surfing, relaxation and discoveries!

An exceptional natural setting

Nestled between the Landes forest and the Atlantic Ocean, Hossegor, officially known as Soorts-Hossegor, welcomes you with its unique charm and breathtaking panoramas. Renowned worldwide for its waves, this seaside resort attracts the best surfers on the planet.

A rich seaside history

From the beginning of the 20th centurye century, Hossegor attracted a bourgeois clientele coming from Bordeaux, Biarritz and Paris. Today, this influence is reflected in the city’s architecture with its three magnificent churches, the large mural “The Great Wave” which adorns the seaside and the Sporting Casino dating from the 1930s.

Don’t miss visiting the Basque-Landes villas, typical of the region, which add even more charm to this destination.

A paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

Hossegor is not only the ocean, it is also omnipresent nature with places like the Hossegor lake, a marine lake whose seawater enters and exits with the rhythm of the tides.

For sports and outdoor enthusiasts, there is no shortage of options:

  • Surfing on world-famous waves
  • Bike rides on the many cycle paths
  • Hiking in the Landes forest
  • Walks of approximately 4 kilometers in the barthes, these marshy meadows where you can observe a rare and protected ecosystem

Events not to be missed in 2024

Hossegor is a lively town, with events throughout the year:

  • In January, the Round of the sands, an Enduro motorcycle race on the beach
  • In July, the Book Fair
  • At the end of August, the Latinossegor, a Latin music and dance festival
  • In October, the Kite Festival

The exhibition “The Surfriders”

For summer 2024, don’t miss the remarkable photographic exhibition on the theme “The Surfriders”. In black and white, the photographer immortalizes the world of surfing in a unique way, capturing not the effort or the sweat, but simply the art of living outdoors for the beauty of the portrait. This event is scheduled until August 17 at the Ilan Benattar Gallery from Soorts-Hossegor.

Video to discover

Discover Hossegor in HD video for a taste of what awaits you in this heavenly destination.