Uncover the Pencil Skyscraper: A Unique Night-STAYcation Offering Spectacular Views of Lyon

Have you ever dreamed of spending an unusual night in a giant pencil overlooking the splendid city of Lyon? Imagine yourself perched atop this iconic structure, admiring the breathtaking view of the illuminated city skyline. Follow me, I’ll take you on an extraordinary adventure, where we combine comfort and originality for an unforgettable experience.

Le Crayon de Lyon: An architectural gem

There Tour Part-Dieu – LCL, affectionately nicknamed “Le Crayon” because of its distinctive shape, is an emblematic element of the Lyon skyline. This majestic building, completed in 1977, is much more than a simple skyscraper. Located in the heart of the Part-Dieu business district, this tower, a symbol of innovation, embodies the transformation of Lyon into a modern and dynamic metropolis.

A panoramic hotel at the top

The top seven floors of the Part-Dieu Tower house the prestigious hotel Radisson Blu. Staying at this unique hotel in Europe is like spending a night on top of the world, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Lyon and its surroundings. Each room is designed to offer optimal comfort with modern and elegant decoration.

Rooms with breathtaking views

The spacious and bright rooms allow you to admire the red roofs of the Old Lyon, the Notre-Dame basilica of Fourvière, as well as the banks of the Rhône and the Saône. On a clear day, the panorama extends to the surrounding mountains, offering a dream landscape for lovers of panoramic views.

An exceptional culinary experience

Located on the 32nd floor of the tower, the Celest Bar & Restaurant offers an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. With Chef Anthony Bonnet at the helm, each dish is a work of culinary art, and the panoramic city view adds an extra dimension to this experience. Remember to book your dinner in advance, or simply come and enjoy the bar and its viewpoint.

A privileged location

Le Crayon enjoys a central location in the Part-Dieu district, Lyon’s main business district. A few steps from the Part-Dieu train station, numerous shops and public transport make it easier for you to travel to the Old Lyon and other city attractions.

Here are some public transport lines to get to the Tower:

  • Metro: Line B
  • Tram: Lines T1, T3, T4
  • Bus: Lines 25, C3, C6, C7, C9, C13, C25

A unique architecture

The Part-Dieu Tower, with its 165 meters high and 44 meters in diameter, is distinguished by its giant pencil appearance accentuated by a 23-meter transparent pyramid. This pyramid allows natural light to illuminate the upper floors, creating a warm and unique ambiance. The shape of the pencil is also a historical homage to the silk industry, once central to Lyon’s economy.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Crayon Tower

Inaugurated in 1977, the Part-Dieu Tower has been a symbol of modernity and innovation for Lyon. Originally, this tower represented the city’s ambition to become a major business center. In 2008, the tower was renamed “Tour Part-Dieu – LCL” for its 31st anniversary, and its illuminated pyramid has become an icon of Lyon nightlife.