Discovering the Underwater Paradise: Snorkeling in the Enchanting Coral Reefs of a Hidden Caribbean Gem

Welcome to this mysterious and fascinating Caribbean island nicknamed “the island of reefs”. Known only to insiders, this secret destination is a true paradise for snorkeling lovers. Prepare to dive into a colorful and breathtaking underwater world, where the beauty of the reefs and the diversity of marine fauna will enchant you. Follow me for an immersive exploration of this magical place where nature reveals all its treasures.

A destination off the beaten track

When we think of a Caribbean vacation, popular destinations like Grand Cayman, Barbados or Aruba often come to mind. All splendid in their own way, these unmissable islands attract crowds of tourists every year in search of heavenly beaches and lively nightlife. But for those looking for a quieter and less crowded little corner of paradise, the island of Carriacou in Grenada is definitely worth the detour.

Access that is earned

The island of Carriacou, also known as “the island of reefs”, offers a intimate experience thanks to its 13 square miles of surface area. However, getting there is not easy, which partly explains its low tourist influx. To reach this Caribbean gem, you have to take a 20-minute flight from Grenada or opt for a passenger ferry, which will take between 90 and 120 minutes to cross the choppy waters.

Wonders of the seabed

Snorkeling and diving are the flagship activities of Carriacou. The island has more than 30 dive sites, each offering unique wonders. THE crystal clear waters allow snorkelers to explore coral reefs brimming with marine life, such as reef fish, moray eels and barracudas, not forgetting the rare but captivating nurse sharks and hawksbill sea turtles.

The surrounding islands

To fully appreciate the natural beauty of the region, an exploration of the neighboring islands is essential:

  • Sandy Island : A thin strip of sand ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling from the beach.
  • White Island And Saline Island : Magnificent snorkeling spots, rich in marine biodiversity.

Back in Carriacou, there is no shortage of beaches:

  • Paradise Beach : A beach renowned for its beauty where you can also soak up the local atmosphere in a beach bar while watching the locals play dominoes.
  • Anse La Roche And Small Carenage : Two less developed beaches in the north of the island, perfect for nature lovers.

Experience the essence of Carriacou

Carriacou captures the soul of the Caribbean with its welcoming population of around 8,000. Many residents have worked overseas before returning to their homeland for a well-deserved retirement or a change of pace.

The island is dotted with charming villages, the most notable of which is Windward, famous for its shipbuilding history which continues to this day. The inhabitants, warm and proud of their culture, celebrate many festivals such as Maroon String Band Festival in April, the dances Big Drum Nation And Quadrille, THE Parang Festival in December, and the Shakespeare Mas fat Tuesday.

For those seeking a tranquil yet refined experience, the private island of Little St. Vincent with its luxurious hotel complex is just a short hop northeast of Carriacou.