Unveiling the Innovative Millet Intense 5L Bag: A Groundbreaking Collaboration with Team Sidas Stars, Matryx and Simon Paccard

Welcome to the world of outdoors and performance! Today, we take you to discover the brand new Millet Intense 5L bag, the result of an exciting collaboration with Team Sidas athletes Matryx and Simon Paccard. Prepare to dive into a world where quality, innovation and expertise come together to push the limits of your mountain adventures.

A Bag With an Innovative Design

In the demanding world of trail running, the choice of equipment is crucial to optimize performance and comfort. Millet, the famous French mountain equipment brand, has joined forces with athletes from Team Sidas Matryx to create a bag that meets these requirements. The Intense 5L bag, the result of this collaboration, was designed with the valuable help of Simon Paccard, a high-level athlete on the team.

The Intense 5L bag stands out for its thoughtful and innovative design, incorporating direct feedback from athletes for a product perfectly suited to the needs of trail runners. This is a true symbiosis between cutting-edge technology and field expertise.

Technical Characteristics of the Intense 5L Bag

For fans of technical data, here is what makes this bag unique:

  • Volume : 5 liters
  • Weight : 230 grams
  • Size : XS/S, M, L, XL
  • Materials : N70 Denier, Ripstop, TPU
  • Pockets : Main compartment, mesh side pockets, zipped smartphone pocket
  • Accessories : Stick holder, flask holder
  • Water pocket compatible : Yes

This combination of materials and features gives the bag unrivaled lightness and robustness, essential for tackling the most arduous terrain.

Simon Paccard’s Role in Design

Simon Paccard, athlete and student in engineering and ergonomics of physical activities, played a crucial role in the development of this bag. Actively participating in the design and testing phases, he provided valuable feedback to refine every detail.

Simon tells us: “The integration of my personal feedback and that of the Sidas Matryx Team was essential to achieve an exceptional product. The emphasis was placed on stability, comfort and functionality. »

Co-Development and Athlete Feedback

The co-development process with Millet took place in several phases, from use in the field to functionality analysis. The athletes identified areas for improvement, including pocket accessibility and carrying comfort. This made it possible to optimize the bag so that it is a true extension of the body during exercise.

A notable return concerns the belly strap which has been improved to offer a perfect fit without discomfort.

Performance and Comfort on Trail

Stability is one of the major assets of the Intense 5L bag. Designed to minimize unwanted movement, it stays in place even on uneven terrain, providing optimal freedom of movement. Athletes also praised its durability and breathability, making long rides much more enjoyable.

Simon adds: “What I love about this bag is that it’s so comfortable that you forget it’s there. The easy access to flasks of water is a real plus, especially during the race. »

A bag designed for adventurers

Whether you are competing or simply training, the Intense 5L bag has been designed to be your best ally. Its technical design and robustness make it an essential choice for anyone looking to surpass themselves on the trails.

The next collaborations between Millet and Team Sidas Matryx promise even more innovations, including new hydration products and shoes planned for 2025. This alliance between sporting expertise and technical know-how will not fail to appeal to all enthusiasts trail.