Escape the Ordinary: Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Day Trip to Captivating Capri


  • Transportation: takesD a ferry from Naples
  • Visit: explorer the gardens of Augustus and the blue grotto
  • Relaxation: enjoyr from a beach like Marina Piccola
  • Cuisine: enjoyr a local specialty like Caprese salad
  • Shopping: doner shopping in the boutiques in the city center

Capri, pearl of the Mediterranean, is an unmissable destination for a day getaway in Italy. To fully enjoy this enchanting island, it is essential to organize your visit efficiently. This handy guide will provide you with all the information you need to plan an unforgettable day in Capri, the best way.

Why choose Capri for a day getaway?

Located in southern Italy, the island of Capri is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and elegant ambiance. Since Antiquity, Capri has attracted many personalities, such as Emperor Tiberius who established his residence there in 26 AD. The island continues to inspire poets, painters and travelers with its lush gardens, its climate aphrodisiac and its breathtaking panoramic views.

How to get to Capri

Getting to Capri is simple: you have to take a boat. Visitors can opt for a private boat or fast ferry (hydrofoil) Since Naples, which takes around 50 minutes to reach the island. If you leave from Amalfi Coast from Positano the journey takes 30 minutes, and 20 minutes from Sorrento.

Book a guided tour

As Capri is a very popular destination, a guided tour is highly recommended to maximize your time. A local guide will provide you with exclusive information and help you avoid crowds and queues. Here are some organized tour options:

  • From Sorrento: Capri Small-Group Boat Trip with Optional Blue Grotto Visit
  • From Naples: Capri Day Trip with Lunch Included
  • From Positano: Small-Group Boat Trip to the Island of Capri

The must-see sites of Capri

Visit to the caves of Capri

Capri is home to three picturesque caves, the most famous of which is the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). Although some consider it a tourist trap, a visit to this natural wonder is a must. The blue and silver colors of the cave, created by the light penetrating and reflecting off the walls, are simply magical.

Take the funicular to Piazza Umberto

To access the heart of Capri, take the funicular which will take you to the Piazza Umberto. This ride captures a bird’s eye view of the island and is a great introduction to your day of exploration.

Explore the Gardens of Augustus

THE Augustus Gardens, a terraced botanical garden, offer a multitude of local plants and above all breathtaking views of the bay and the famous Faraglioni, these iconic rock formations of Capri.

Visit Villa Jovis

There Villa Jovis is one of the best preserved Roman villas on Capri. Built by Emperor Tiberius, this palace offers spectacular cliff-top views and a fascinating dive into history.

Taste the local cuisine

For good gastronomic advice, there’s nothing like asking the locals. For example, the Ristorante Villa Verde allows you to enjoy a Insalata Caprese or a pizza Quattro Station in a romantic setting.

Enjoy a stroll through Piazza Umberto

After lunch, stroll through the Piazza Umberto. This vibrant place is the nerve center of Capri with its charming cafes and boutiques. Don’t miss out on buying a pair of Capri sandals, so popular with Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Return to the Marina

To end the day, you can walk down to the Marina Grande taking the winding streets lined with colorful houses. Once you arrive, why not enjoy a delicious gelato while waiting for your return ferry to the Amalfi Coast?

Make the most of every moment spent on Capri, an island where natural beauty and cultural richness combine to provide an unforgettable experience.