Embarking on a Journey: Unveiling Europe’s Top 9 Spectacular Railway Funiculars

Discover the 9 best railway funiculars in Europe

  • 1. Montmartre Funicular – Paris, France
  • 2. Gelmer Funicular – Switzerland
  • 3. Monserrate Funicular – Bogota, Colombia
  • 4. Lynton and Lynmouth Funicular – United Kingdom
  • 5. Nagoya Funicular – Japan
  • 6. Monte Igueldo Funicular – Spain
  • 7. Vallvidrera Funicular – Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • 8. Rosh HaNikra Funicular – Israel
  • 9. Niesen Funicular – Switzerland

Fly to the peaks and let yourself be seduced by the breathtaking panoramas offered by the 9 best railway funiculars in Europe. These railway gems promise you a unique experience, between modernity and tradition, for unforgettable journeys through the enchanting landscapes of the Old Continent.

The funicular railways offer a unique experience, combining history, engineering and breathtaking landscapes. In Europe, some of these little technical gems have become unmissable attractions for visitors. As a passionate travel and rail expert, I offer you an overview of the nine most remarkable railway funiculars in Europe.

Funicolare Centrale (Naples, Italy)

Opened in 1928, the Funicolare Centrale in Naples is one of the busiest funiculars in the world. Connecting Piazza Vanvitelli to downtown Naples, it transports more than 10 million passengers annually. With a length of 1,270 meters and a rise of 170 meters, it offers an authentic experience in the heart of this bustling city.

Fløibanen (Bergen, Norway)

To admire the majestic Mount Fløyen in Bergen, nothing better than an eight-minute stroll on the Floibanen. This funicular offers you a breathtaking view of the historic beauty of this city, a gateway to the Norwegian fjords and an ancient Viking land.

Montmartre Funicular (Paris, France)

THE Montmartre Funicular in Paris provides easy access to the Sacré-Cœur basilica. In just 1 minute and 30 seconds, it takes you to the top of this iconic hill, offering one of the most breathtaking views of the French capital.

Niesenbahn (Bern, Switzerland)

THE Niesenbahn from Bern takes you from Mülenen station to the summit of Mount Niesen. This spectacular funicular is one of the longest and highest, with a length of 3,500 meters and a total elevation of 1,642 meters. Thrills are guaranteed!

Heidelberger Bergbahnen (Heidelberg, Germany)

Heidelberg, a picturesque German city, has the Heidelberger Bergbahnen, a funicular that connects the old town to Heidelberg Castle and Königstuhl. Modern cabins and historic carriages offer a unique experience to admire the beauty of this romantic region.

Bica Funicular (Lisbon, Portugal)

THE Bica Funicular of Lisbon is an icon of the city, built in the 18e century. Taking this yellow and chrome funicular is a perfect way to explore Lisbon’s winding hills without much effort, descending from the city center to Cais da Sodré and the beautiful Tagus River.

Guindais Funicular (Porto, Portugal)

THE Guindais funicular in Porto is an unmissable experience. Offering a breathtaking view of the Douro from the Luis I Bridge, this funicular allows you to savor the beauty of the city between two tastings of port and Francesinha.

Gelmer Lake Funicular (Grimselwelt, Switzerland)

THE Gelmer Lake Funicular is the steepest in Europe, with a maximum gradient of 106%. The dizzying climb is rewarded with spectacular views of glacier-fed Lake Gelmer, nestled in the Swiss Alps.

Zagreb Funicular (Zagreb, Croatia)

At only 66 meters long, the Zagreb Funicular is one of the shortest in the world. Connecting the Upper and Lower Towns for over 120 years, this funicular offers a charming transportation experience in the Croatian capital.

Article written by Marc Dupont to share his love and expertise of European funiculars.