Unearthing Hidden Gems: Exploring 13 Idyllic Villages in the Vicinity of Nantes

Welcome to a journey to discover hidden treasures! Put on your walking shoes, prepare your camera and follow me to explore 13 picturesque villages around Nantes. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of these unusual places, ready to offer you moments of escape and authenticity.

Nantes, a dynamic metropolis of Pays-de-Loire, is full of unique cultural and artistic gems. But did you know that its surroundings are also home to picturesque villages that will transport you between Earth and sea? Set off to discover these havens of peace, just a stone’s throw from the city.


Board the river shuttle from Nantes to reach Trentemoult, a old fishing village with colorful facades. Stroll through its streets and let yourself be charmed by the serene and bohemian atmosphere of this little corner of paradise.


Explore the Havre valley on foot or by canoe, and discover the superb medieval castle of Oudon. The village is also home to a sculpture trail which punctuates the landscape, offering an artistic immersion in the heart of nature.


Do you dream of Italy? Make a stop at Clisson, where Italian architecture will transport you to Tuscany. Explore the 14th century Halles, the medieval fortress and the surrounding vineyards, for a cultural and gourmet getaway.


Continue your journey to Torfou, nestled in edge of Sèvres. Put on your sneakers and follow one of the hiking trails around the village to discover the landscapes marked by the Vendée Wars.


Located 5 minutes from Oudon, Champtoceaux offers a exceptional panorama over the Loire. Stroll among the medieval remains and enjoy the breathtaking natural setting.


Put yourself in the shoes of a sailor and discover Loire culture from Montjean-sur-Loire. Choose between a boat trip on the Loire, a bike loop or a visit to the Cap Loire park. Why not all three to find out everything about the secrets of the Loire?


Halfway between Nantes and Angers, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil is one of these typical villages on the banks of the Loire. Follow the tourist route to explore its historic monuments and admire the view from the Mont Glonne esplanade.


Immerse yourself in the poetic universe of Liré, a village associated with the life of poet Joachim Du Bellay. Visit the Joachim Du Bellay museum and walk the marked trails that lead to the Château de la Turmelière.

Les Moutiers-en-Retz

Just 50 minutes from Nantes, discover Les Moutiers-en-Retz, a town between swamp and ocean. Explore this wild coastline and meet local players in the wine and salt estates.


If the call of the sea guides you, head to Batz-sur-mer. This village with Breton accents, with its Saint-Guénolé church and its Port Saint-Michel beach decorated with yellow cabins, will enchant you. Don’t miss the Nuits Salines festival in July!


The seaside resort of Pornic awaits you with its old Port and its picturesque streets. Enjoy a Nantes priest during market days and go on an adventure on the customs officers’ path for a breathtaking view of the coastline.


This charming fishing port granite houses and colorful shutters, will lead you to peaceful coves. Borrow the coastal path to explore the hidden corners of this Breton village.


Don’t forget to visit the Medieval city of Guérande. Stroll inside its ramparts, discover the salt marshes and enjoy the peace and quiet to enjoy a Breton pancake on the terrace.

Whether for a day or a weekend, these villages around Nantes are ideal destinations for an escape and a change of horizon. Enjoy the hidden treasures that this region has to offer and let yourself be charmed by its heritage and natural beauty.