Electrify your Weekend Getaway: Essential Tips for a Smooth Journey in an Electric Car

Are you ready to go on a weekend trip in an electric car but have questions about organizing your trip? Do not panic ! Here are some essential tips to help you best prepare your getaway and fully enjoy your trip.

How about going on a weekend away with your electric car without hassle? Here are essential tips to maximize your eco-friendly getaway and spend more time enjoying your vacation than searching for a charging station.

Plan your charging stops in advance

Before you leave, it is crucial to plan your charging stops. Use specialized apps to find available stations along your route. This will avoid surprises and unforeseen detours.

Choose alternative routes

Did you know that riding on departmental roads can increase your battery range by 25% compared to the highway? In addition to preserving your battery, you will also save on tolls. This is both good for your wallet and for the range of your vehicle.

Use eco mode and one-pedal driving

Activate the eco mode of your vehicle allows you to have a smoother acceleration curve, which consumes less energy. Furthermore, the one pedal driving allows you to recover energy when slowing down, making your vehicle more efficient.

Manage air conditioning optimally

To maximize your battery life, turn on the air conditioner or low-intensity heating continuously, rather than turning them on and off frequently. Sometimes opening the window can be enough to cool the cabin.

Travel light

A lighter vehicle consumes less energy. Try to limit the weight of your cargo by taking only what is necessary. Every kilogram counts when you’re looking to maximize the range of your electric car.

Favor nearby destinations

For a quick weekend getaway, consider nearby destinations where you can fully enjoy your time without having to spend hours on the road or worry about recharging the battery. A picturesque area or charming village nearby can provide all the change of scenery you need.

Have a plan B

Even with careful preparation, it’s always good to have a contingency plan. Note the locations of alternative charging stations and schedule extra charging times so you never run out of power.

By following these tips, you’re ready for a vacation getaway. electric car which combines ecology and comfort. Have a good trip !