How tipping works in Germany

How tipping works in Germany

Prepare your trip to Germany and integrate without misstep this important facet of local culture: tipping, or Trinkgeld in German. Here’s what every traveler should know before taking out their wallet in Goethe’s country.

Understanding tipping in Germany: not obligatory, but appreciated

discover how tipping works in Germany: rules, uses and advice for rewarding service in German restaurants and hotels.

In Germany, all prices in bars, restaurants and other services already include VAT and service. This means that, unlike other destinations, tipping is technically not necessary. However, it remains a common practice and is often seen as a way to show your satisfaction with a service that has exceeded your expectations. 😊

When and how much to donate?

discover how tipping works in Germany and local customs regarding gratuities in services.

So, how much should you leave? If you are satisfied with the service, tipping 5-10% of your bill is considered generous. For small expenses, it is customary to round up to the nearest euro. For example, if your coffee costs €2.70, you could leave €3.

  • Bars and restaurants: round up the note or add 5 to 10%.
  • Hotel: remember to give 1 to 2 € per bag to the porters or 3 to 5 € per day to the maids.
  • Taxis: rounding the sum up is often sufficient. If the driver takes care of the luggage, one euro per suitcase is a good gesture.
  • Tourist guides: for free visits, a tip of €5 to €10 is appropriate to reward their work.

How to tip?

Find out how tipping works in Germany and what practices to follow when traveling in this country.

The gesture counts almost as much as the amount! In Germany, it is important to give the tip directly to the person who served you. Leaving money on the table could be seen as negligent. So when you pay, specify the total amount you want to pay, including tip. If you choose to pay by card, remember that most establishments prefer cash tips.

Traveling practically: management and preparation

When planning your travel budget in Germany, it’s smart to factor in tipping, especially if you plan to take advantage of many services where tipping is customary. A small reserve of change can save you from many embarrassing situations and will allow you to show your gratitude where it is due. And remember, a tip, even a small one, is always a sign of appreciation that transcends cultural boundaries. 🌍

In short, whether you’re enjoying a beer at a local Biergarten, taking a taxi ride through Berlin, or discovering Munich’s hidden gems with a guide, keeping these tips in mind will ensure pleasant and respectful interactions. . Have a good trip and don’t forget the tip! 😉