Unveiling Three Easy Tricks to Track Your Flight’s Occupancy Rate: A Novice’s Guide


  • Check online: Check the airline’s website for real-time information on the occupancy rate of your flight.
  • Contact customer service: Call or email the airline to request details about how busy your flight is.
  • Use an app: Download a flight tracking app to check occupancy and get live updates.

Have you booked your flight and are wondering how full the plane will be? Discover in this article three simple tips for checking the occupancy rate of your flight.

Use your airline’s app

Many airlines provide useful information such as seat maps through their mobile apps and their websites when booking. These maps show you the layout of each seat on the plane and whether or not a seat has been reserved.

For example, British Airways allows passengers to log into its app or website to view seat maps of their flights. A British Airways spokesperson explains that every customer, regardless of class and ticket type, has the opportunity to choose their seat 24 hours before departure by logging into the section Manage My Booking on ba.com, where they can see available seats.

Some carriers even allow access to the most recent version of the seat map by logging in with the surname and the confirmation code of the passenger. It is often necessary to follow a few steps to change seats, but you can view the map without confirming a seat change.

Take a look during online check-in

Depending on the airline, you will almost certainly be able to view the seat map during the process. online check-in, which begins 24 hours before departure. This step usually includes the option to select or purchase seats, and therefore shows you how many seats are still available the day before your flight.

Here are some steps to help you:

  • Log in to your account on the airline’s website or app.
  • Begin the online registration process.
  • Go to the seat map and review the available seats.

Ask airline staff

If you were unable to obtain the information you wanted online, you can always ask directly at airline staff at the airport. Gate and customer service agents can often give you a general idea of ​​the flight’s capacity.

A few tips :

  • Arrive at the airport early enough to ask questions at the check-in counter.
  • Discreetly ask gate agents before boarding.

Remember that although these tips provide a good estimate of the occupancy rate of your flight, last minute changes can always occur. It is therefore always useful to prepare yourself mentally for all eventualities.