Top Tranquil Destinations for a Peaceful, Child-Free Vacation


  • Destinations: Maldives, Bali, Santorini
  • Activities: Beach, spa, gastronomy
  • Accommodation: Luxury resorts, private villas
  • Recommended period: Outside school holidays
  • Advice: Search for adult-only destinations

Do you dream of traveling to places where calm and tranquility reign supreme, far from the bustle of toddlers? Discover the best places to avoid the presence of children and enjoy a holiday marked by tranquility and relaxation.

Communities 55+

If you aspire to a child-free lifestyle, consider living in a 55+ community may be the ideal solution. In these communities, at least 80% of households must be occupied by a person aged 55 or older. This rule significantly reduces the presence of children, allowing residents to enjoy a peaceful and mature environment. Even if you’re not yet 55, some of these communities allow some flexibility, as long as the ratio is met.

Exclusively Adults Hotels and Resorts

For your vacation, many hotels and resorts offer stays exclusively reserved for adults. Check specific categories on sites like Expedia to find these options. You can also explore specialist platforms like Adulty Hotels, which lists hundreds of child-free places. For those looking for even more exclusive experiences, there are so-called sex-positive resorts where you can truly relax without any inhibitions.

Cruises Without Children

Cruises are often considered a family vacation, but there are many adults-only options as well. For example, all cruises offered by Virgin Voyages and Viking are adults only. Even Disney offers adults-only cruises if you combine the right timing and research.

Adults Only Restaurants

For those who want a quiet meal without the hustle and bustle of children, there are more and more restaurants that position themselves as “adults only.” While there isn’t an easy-to-search directory, a quick Google search or a few phone calls can help you find these establishments in your area. These restaurants ensure a dining experience without the cacophony of children, allowing for pleasant conversations and a serene ambiance.

Spas and Wellness Centers

Spas are generally places of relaxation, and although some are starting to offer family-friendly services, a visit to a high-end spa is often still a guarantee of tranquility. Book a few treatments at a spa renowned for enjoying a few hours of peace and silence, away from noise and distractions.