Unleashing Adventure: A Comprehensive Review of the L.I.M Series Haglöfs Range at the Contamines-Montjoie Nature Reserve

In the heart of the majestic Contamines-Montjoie nature reserve, I recently had the opportunity to test the L.I.M Séries range from Haglöfs. An immersive adventure within this wild setting, where each step reveals the performance and comfort of this exploration equipment. Follow me on this escapade as close as possible to nature, between discoveries and challenges, for a life-size test of Haglöfs’ excellence.

An idyllic setting for adventure

There Contamines-Montjoie Nature Reserve, nestled in the heart of the Alps, is a true gem for all lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Spanning more than 5,500 hectares, it is distinguished by exceptional biodiversity and varied landscapes. From coniferous forests to alpine meadows, wetlands and high-altitude lakes, the reserve offers a perfect setting for hiking and trail running. The well-marked trails allow adventurers to discover breathtaking panoramas of the Mont-Blanc massif and the surrounding peaks.

Two days of adventure with Haglöfs

Last week, our team ventured into this magnificent reserve to test the new 2024 products in the range L.I.M Haglöfs Series. Two days around the Prés refuge, led by the Haglöfs team and two athletes from their team: François Montuori, paraglider and mountaineer, and Mathis Decroux, photographer and mountain enthusiast.

After a delicious meal at the Chalet du Lac, located near the Gorge cable cars, we took the Roman road towards the refuge. First stop at the La Rollaz bivouac area, starting point for the first activities. The program: a game combining hiking and trail running over approximately 3.5 km with 350m of elevation gain. The fastest pair closest to their time estimate won a regional prize.

Top start and competition scents

François Montuori and Mathis Decroux set the reference time at 17min36 and tried to get a KOM Strava on this segment. The rest of the team set out on the course, wearing shorts Fuse And Strive Lite, while testing the backpacks L.I.M 25L And L.I.M 35L. Once at the refuge (1935m), it was time to debrief on the products tested and reward the winners.

A rainy but motivating morning

When the sun rose, it started to rain. The bravest adventurers have put on their jackets L.I.M Shield Hood to walk the wet trails towards Lake Jovet (2194m), while others took the path down, protected by the rain cover of the Wine 30L.

Equipment under test

During this stay, we tested five products from the L.I.M. range. Here is our feedback:

  • L.I.M Strive Lite Shorts (Women’s)
    The L.I.M Strive Lite shorts are designed to offer great freedom of movement thanks to their lightness and high quality materials. Perfect for hikers looking for performance and comfort.
  • L.I.M Fuse Shorts (Men)
    The L.I.M Fuse shorts combine ultra stretch Climatic fabric and water-repellent treatment, ensuring protection and comfort. Ideal for hiking and fast hiking thanks to its multiple practical pockets.
  • L.I.M 25 Hiking Bag
    The L.I.M 25L is ultra-light and offers excellent ventilation thanks to its Airback suspension system. With a capacity of 25 liters, it is perfect for short hikes in refuges.
  • L.I.M Stretch Pocket Cap
    The L.I.M Stretch Pocket Cap is ideal for hot days thanks to its breathable and lightweight fabric. Its minimalist design and Bluesign® certification make it an eco-responsible choice.
  • L.I.M Shield Hood Jacket
    The L.I.M Shield Hood, made from Pertex Quantum, is ultra-light and tear-resistant. It stores easily in its chest pocket and provides optimal protection against bad weather.

In summary, the Haglöfs L.I.M range is true to its promise of “Less Is More”. It offers ultra-light, compact products, but without compromising on functionality and comfort. A perfect range for mountain enthusiasts, whatever the time of year.