Secure Your Spot: Notre-Dame de Paris Prepares to Open Reservation for Visits

Behind the scenes of the City of Lights, an announcement rings out; soon, the doors of the majestic Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral will once again open to the world. The feverish wait for history and architecture enthusiasts is coming to an end, as bookings to visit this iconic gem are about to go live. Let’s dive together into the wonder of an unforgettable visit, to the heart of the soul of Paris.

After the fire which ravaged part of Notre-Dame de Paris in April 2019, the famous cathedral is finally preparing to reopen its doors. Visitors from all over the world are impatiently waiting to be able to once again admire this historical and architectural gem of the French capital. Mark your calendars, because the opening date to the public is set for December 8, 2024.

Why visit Notre-Dame in 2024?

Since its closure for restoration, the building has undergone colossal work aimed at restoring its historic structures, while modernizing certain facilities to better accommodate visitors. The reopening will therefore be an opportunity to discover Notre-Dame from a new angle, harmonizing its glorious past and modernity. And whether you are a history lover, architecture buff or simply curious, this visit promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Setting up a reservation system

To avoid endless queues and guarantee a pleasant visit for everyone, a online reservation system as well as a dedicated mobile application will soon be available. You will be able to reserve a 30-minute time slot to fully enjoy your visit, a few weeks before opening.

On the cathedral’s website, the only one approved to make these reservations, it will be easy to choose the slot that suits you best. Although these reservations are not required, they are strongly recommended to optimize your experience.

Privileged individual visits

For the first six months following reopening, Notre-Dame wishes to prioritize individual visits. Groups will only be admitted from mid-2025, to allow everyone to discover the cathedral in the best possible conditions. This system promises to make the visit smoother and more enjoyable for all heritage enthusiasts.

How to prepare?

For those who plan to be among the first visitors, here are some tips:

  • Check the Notre-Dame website regularly for reservation openings.
  • Download the dedicated mobile application as soon as it is released.
  • Plan your trip, taking into account the cathedral’s limited capacity (2,500 people at one time or 40,000 per day).

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to rediscover Notre-Dame de Paris in its new restored light. The wait is worth it, and the magic of this iconic place is sure to amaze you all over again.

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