Behind the Skirts: Unveiling the Female Dominance in French Air Navigation

Did you know that passengers at French airports are mainly women? Discover fascinating insights into the demographic makeup of French travelers and the trends observed at the country’s airports in this article.

An evolving trend

This is an astonishing curiosity to note! There Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) confirms this to us: in French airports, passengers are more likely to be passengers. In fact, women represent 51% of departing travelers, a reverse trend compared to just a few years ago.

A detailed profile of travelers

The recent DGAC survey, carried out in 2023 among 46,000 people in 10 French airports, revealed several interesting characteristics of passengers. Here is an overview of the typical profile:

  • Age : 45% of passengers are between 15 and 34 years old
  • Residence : 62% are French residents
  • Socio-Professional Category : 43% belong to the most advantaged socio-professional categories (CSP+)

Travel motivations

Why do people travel? According to this same survey:

  • 51% travel for leisure
  • 19% for one professional motive
  • The others for affinity motives (visiting friends or family)

The travel budget

When it comes to spending, the study reveals some surprises:

  • 33% of passengers spent less than €100 on their ticket
  • 21% spent €1,000 or more on their trip

It is also interesting to note that 89% of these travelers simply purchased a dry flight, while 11% opted for a package including air travel.

The implications for the aviation industry

The predominance of women among air passengers in France is not without consequences for the industry. Airlines and airports may have to adapt their services and offers to meet the expectations of this majority of travelers, for example by offering comfort services and of quality, and by offering options for all-inclusive vacation.