10 Unforgettable Summer Adventures to Embark on Around the Enchanting Lake Annecy

Summer at Lake Annecy is synonymous with unique discoveries and memorable adventures. Among the many activities offered around this natural jewel, here is a selection of 10 unmissable experiences that promise you exceptional moments. Whether you are a fan of thrills, moments of relaxation or cultural discoveries, Lake Annecy will satisfy all your desires. Prepare to experience a summer full of emotions in the heart of this enchanting setting.

A cruise on a historic ship

Sail on the peaceful waters of Lake Annecy aboard theHope III, a replica of an old lateen sail boat. This majestic ship transports you to the past with its acacia deck and its 112 meters of lateen sails. You will be able to admire the sumptuous landscapes, such as the Château de Menthon and the Tournette, while participating in the navigation maneuvers.

Transparent kayak for stunning views

For an unforgettable experience, try a transparent kayak which allows you to admire the depths of the lake while remaining dry. You can easily observe the fish and aquatic fauna of the lake. A walk to the Roc de Chère and its caves with clear waters is highly recommended.

Sailing in electric mode

Le Deck, a 100% electric nautical base, offers boat rental GoBoat without a license, ideal for a floating family picnic. It’s an ecological way to enjoy the lake while preserving its crystal clear waters.

The iconic boat Le Libellule also offers cruises in electric mode, a first for a lake cruise ship. Explore the lake on a sightseeing cruise or enjoy a meal on board.

Outing on a giant paddle

Gather your friends or family on a giant paddle capable of accommodating up to eight people. This fun activity allows you to share moments of laughter and complicity while discovering the waters of Lake Annecy. Why not try paddle yoga or a paddle burger at sunset for an even more unique experience?

Catamaran trip

Experience a nautical adventure aboard “The Boat”, the largest sailing boat on Lake Annecy. Catamaran trips, organized by an experienced skipper, allow you to discover secret corners of the lake and offer unforgettable swimming moments. Opt for a sunset cruise for a touch of romance.

Treat yourself to an imperial swim

Enjoy the new beach located near the Imperial Palace, an iconic hotel facing the lake. With deckchairs and slides for children, the place is perfect for a relaxing day with the family. Summer activities are also organized there to add a touch of entertainment.

WingFoil: aquatic and aeronautical

Try it WingFoil, an activity combining water sports and aeronautics, ideal for thrill-seekers. Learn how to handle this board equipped with a foil and a wing to glide above the waters of the lake.

The Jet Cycle: pedal to fly

Discover the Jet Cycle, this invention from Annecy which allows you to fly with the power of your legs on a hull equipped with a foil and a pedal board. This sporty and fun activity is accessible from 14 years old, with a compulsory first supervised outing to learn the basics.

Apnea: diving to breathe better

Dive into Lake Annecy for a session ofapnea accompanied by professionals. This well-being and relaxation activity will allow you to recharge your batteries and explore the depths of the lake, while controlling your breath retention.

Participate in the Alpsman

For seasoned athletes, note the date ofAlpsman, an XXL triathlon race. This event begins in the middle of the lake at night and includes a mountain trail course, offering an exceptional challenge for athletes.