Explore Europe by bike: the must-see destinations for bike travel enthusiasts

The picturesque charms of the North: Belgium and the Netherlands

Start your cycling adventure by exploring the flat landscape of Belgium and the Netherlands. 🚴 These destinations are perfect for all levels of cyclists thanks to their mostly flat terrain and extensive cycle path networks. In addition, the marking system is impeccable!

Between Bruges and Amsterdam, escape on paths lined with canals and historic windmills. Don’t miss the Kinderdijk site in the Netherlands, where you can admire an impressive group of 19 18th-century windmills, all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Journey through history in Italy

discover the must-see destinations for lovers of cycling trips in Europe with our complete guide. breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences await you!

Italy, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, is another essential stopover. The journey from Pisa to Rome offers you not only breathtaking landscapes but also a dive into ancient history. 🏛️

Stop off in emblematic towns and travel the Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrim route, discovering medieval villages and prestigious vineyards. Montalcino, famous for its Brunello wine, is certainly worth a stop.

The Croatian adventure from Split to Dubrovnik

discover the must-see destinations for cycling travel enthusiasts in europe with our tips for exploring the continent on two wheels.

Ride along Croatia’s Adriatic coast for a cycling experience combining natural beauty and cultural discoveries. 🌊 The road between Split and Dubrovnik is punctuated by idyllic beaches and small historic towns. The islands of Hvar and Korčula, accessible by ferry, offer charming detours with their vineyards and ancient architecture.

Ancient Greece on two wheels

discover the must-see destinations for cycling travel enthusiasts in Europe. Explore the continent by bike and enjoy a unique experience.

The cycling route that takes you from Athens to the Peloponnese is perfect for those looking to combine exercise with archaeological exploration. 🚴‍♀️ Cycle through mythical sites such as Mycenae and Sparta while enjoying views of the Aegean Sea.

You can also visit the island of Poros for a relaxing day at the beach after long drives.

Driving on French soil

In France, wine and gastronomy lovers will be delighted. The Champagne region offers accessible routes surrounded by vineyards and dotted with champagne cellars. 🍇

Explore picturesque villages and gently rolling terrain that makes every step delightful. Don’t leave without visiting the famous Moët and Chandon cellars for a memorable tasting.

Tips for organizing your cycling trip in Europe

Plan your itinerary carefully to include both cultural and relaxation stops. Be sure to check out bike rental options and consider traveling light by renting locally.

Consider taking out travel insurance that covers theft or damage to your bike, essential for a hassle-free stay. 🛡️ Finally, tailor your trip to your abilities and preferences, whether you choose to follow a guide or explore independently.

Carry suitable equipment, such as a repair kit and comfortable clothing. Europe by bike means the freedom to discover hidden treasures at your own pace while enjoying a healthy and ecological activity!


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