Unveiling Oslo’s Treasures: Top 13 Must-Visit Destinations in Norway’s Capital

Welcome to Norway, where majestic fjords rub shoulders with green forests and picturesque villages. Today, you will explore the 13 must-see destinations around Oslo, the vibrant Norwegian capital. Prepare to be amazed by the natural beauty and cultural richness of this unique region of the world. Follow the guide and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of travel!

Hadeland Glassverk

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Norway’s oldest glassworks, founded in 1762. Located in the wilderness around Oslo, Hadeland Glassverk offers you a captivating exploration through 250 years of glassmaking craftsmanship. Don’t miss the glassblowing workshop, a unique experience where young and old can create their own glass.

The Charming Town of Drøbak

With its picturesque 19th century streets and colorful wooden houses, Drøbak is a perfect getaway. Oscarborg Fortress, located on a small island facing the city, is a must-see. Kids will love visiting Santa’s Post Office and the local aquarium. In summer, a ferry from Oslo will take you to this little haven of peace.

Salmon Fishing at Kjærra Fossepark

Want to live an authentic Norwegian experience? Kjærra Fossepark is the ideal place for salmon fishing, open from June to August. The waterfalls and the surrounding nature will seduce you even if you are not a fan of fishing. Bring your picnic or do like the locals: cook over a wood fire!

Holmenkollen and its Ski Jump

Visit the Holmenkollen ski jump, the most famous in the world! In March, attend freestyle ski competitions. The rest of the year, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and try the ski jump simulator. The Ski Museum, retracing 4,000 years of history, is also worth discovering.

The Coastal Village of Son

Just 45 minutes from Oslo, the village of Son is a gourmet getaway. Stroll through the historic center and art galleries before enjoying seafood at one of the village’s many restaurants. A treat for the taste buds !

Spa The Well

When the weather looks gloomy, treat yourself to a relaxing day at The Well. This spa, one of the largest in the Nordic countries, offers a multitude of pools, saunas, steam baths and waterfalls. Recharge your batteries in this haven of well-being.

The Kistefos Museum

Kistefos is more than a museum; it is a place where art meets nature. Housed in a former factory in the heart of the woods, this site presents works by renowned contemporary artists. An unforgettable visit for art and culture lovers.

Lake Semsvannet

For a day outdoors, head to Semsvannet Lake in Asker. Whether you like walking, cycling, fishing, swimming or canoeing, this place will satisfy all tastes. An ideal destination for an outing with family or friends.

The Kongsberg Silver Mines

Immerse yourself in the mining history of the Saggrenda region near Kongsberg. Board the mining train for a 2,300 meter journey to the King Mine, the largest in the area. An adventure that will bring out the soul of the explorer in you!


Explore this historic mansion where the Norwegian Constitution was written in 1814. With its neoclassical architecture and charming gardens, this site offers a total immersion in the history of the Scandinavian nation.

Fredrikstad Old Town

Fredrikstad, one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved walled cities, is perfect for a romantic getaway. Stroll along the ramparts, explore the moat and immerse yourself in the historic atmosphere of its centuries-old buildings, transformed into art galleries and vintage boutiques.

The Vollen Coast

In Vollen, enjoy the sea air in this family seaside resort. The marina and the Oslofjord Museum, with its rich collection of wooden boats, are worth a visit. For a refreshing swim, head to the surrounding beaches.

Bærum’s Verk

This picturesque village, a former industrial site, is today a place for demonstrating traditional trades such as cabinetmaking and weaving. It’s the perfect place to buy handcrafted souvenirs and immerse yourself in the local culture.

The Oslo region is full of hidden treasures to discover, between nature, art, history and gastronomy. Prepare to be dazzled by the cultural richness and natural beauty of these must-see destinations.