Sail the Nile in Style: Uncover Egypt’s Luxuries for Under 980 Euros – An Offer You Can’t Resist!

Welcome aboard for a luxurious and enchanting getaway to Egypt! Imagine sailing on the waters of the Red Sea while exploring the age-old treasures of the land of the pharaohs. And the best part? This dream experience is accessible for less than 980 euros per person. Immediate boarding for an exceptional cruise not to be missed!

An Unforgettable Egyptian Adventure

Imagine yourself peacefully sailing on the legendary Nile, surrounded by the ancient wonders ofEgypt. Today we have an exceptional offer for you: a luxury cruise from 979 euros per person. Immerse yourself in a world where history meets modern comfort, and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this dazzling destination.

Explore Egyptian Monuments with an Expert Guide

This cruise organized by Cdiscount Voyages offers you much more than just a stay, it is a fascinating dive into Egyptian history. Of the Valley of the Kings at the temple of Karnak, passing by the majestic Colossi of Memnon, each site reveals its secrets with the help of a local Egyptologist guide. Be prepared to be amazed by the stories and hidden treasures of this ancient civilization.

Comfort and Elegance at the Rendezvous

During this week of discovery, you will benefit from seamless organization including flights, transfers and accommodation. You will spend the first night in a 5-star hotel in Cairo, followed by six nights on a luxury cruise ship. Every moment of your trip is designed to offer you optimal comfort and impeccable service.

A Refined Culinary Experience

The full catering package included in the offer allows you to savor the delights of local cuisine. Explore a variety of traditional Egyptian dishes that will excite your taste buds while discovering the cultural riches of the country.

Customize Your Adventure

This cruise offer is flexible, allowing you to personalize your stay according to your needs and desires. Add additional excursions or opt for special privileges to make your trip even more memorable.

An Offer to Seize Without Waiting

With a price starting at 979 euros per person, this luxury cruise represents an unmissable opportunity to discover Egypt at its best. Don’t let this unique opportunity escape you and get ready to experience a historic and enriching adventure.

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