Unveiling the Unexpected: Why Cruise Ships Prohibit This Essential Baby Accessory

Imagine yourself on a cruise with your baby, ready to enjoy a well-deserved vacation at sea. But did you know there’s a surprising rule banning a handy baby tool on cruise ships? Let’s discover together the surprising reason behind this unexpected ban.

In maritime travel, it is well known that certain objects such as weapons, THE drugs or even certain quantities ofalcohol are prohibited for obvious reasons. But did you know that baby monitors Are also on the list of prohibited items on many cruise ships?

On companies like Royal Caribbean, baby monitors are prohibited just like drones and the hoverboards. Although this may come as a surprise, it is interesting to understand why some companies adopt this policy and what alternatives exist for parents traveling with young children.

The technical challenges of baby monitors at sea

While some cruise ships may allow baby monitors, they are often ineffective on board. THE signals emitted by these devices are not powerful enough to pass through the various partitions of the ship, like cell phones. Several users on Reddit have testified to the difficulties encountered in receiving the signal outside their cabin, making the use of baby monitors practically useless.

One notable testimonial mentions that unless you can get back to your baby in less than 60 seconds, the baby monitor won’t be of much use to you due to its limited range.

The crucial role of security

So why ban a device that might not work properly anyway? The answer lies in security. Baby monitors can interfere with navigation systems or the systems of radio of the ship. Similar incidents have already been reported in aviation, where interference has caused disruptions.

For this reason, security personnel are generally very strict about seizing these prohibited items. If you’re planning a cruise, it’s best to check what items are allowed before packing.

Notable exceptions

Exceptions to the rule are rare, but they exist. For example, Disney Cruise Lines allows passengers to bring baby monitors. However, these devices must be inspected by the chief electrician of the vessel before use. For the device to be accepted, it must meet certain criteria, particularly in terms of electric power.

Alternatives to baby monitors

For parents determined to monitor their baby during the cruise, several alternatives exist. Passengers with good Wi-Fi plans can use two mobile phones with a communication application like Facetime. This method allows you to transform a phone into a baby monitor by placing it near the child and keeping the second one with you.

Here are some alternatives offered by experienced cruise passengers:

  • Use walkie talkies with the button held down for constant communication, although some companies like Norwegian Cruise Line have also banned them.
  • Download an application security camera to monitor your child via your phone.
  • Do not leave the baby alone, thus eliminating the need for a baby monitor.

Every family is different and will find a solution that suits them. Either way, it’s important to do your homework and plan accordingly to make the most of your family cruise.