Scaling the Heights: A Novice’s Guide to Easy Alpine Peaks

Ah, the peaks of the Alps, majestic and imposing, are the dream of many people eager for adventure and wide open spaces. But you don’t need to be an experienced mountaineer to discover the beauty of these mythical mountains! In this article, I will present to you a selection of easy to climb peaks in the Alps, accessible to all those who want to treat themselves to a moment of escape at the top of the world. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and conquer these peaks without difficulty? Follow the guide, the mountain is waiting for you!

The Alps have always been a focal point for outdoor enthusiasts, attracting more than 120 million visitors each year. Although skiing in winter remains the main attraction, the experiences of mountain in summer are gaining popularity.

From June to September, tens of thousands of climbers flock to the Alps to attempt themountaineering and enjoy some of the most picturesque views in Europe.

For many, the goal is to find the best summits for beginners. Summer is an ideal time to take up the sport, as the non-permanent snowpack has melted and the weather is generally calm, with many clear, sunny days.

Gran Paradiso (4,061 m / 13,323 ft)

Situated between the Aosta and Piedmont valleys, the Gran Paradiso is a classic alpine climb. It is the highest mountain located entirely in Italy and it offers incredible views of the surrounding national park.

The climb begins with a hike from Pont, crossing boulder-strewn fields to one of two mountain huts.

The following day requires an early start, as Gran Paradiso features one of the longest daily climbs in the Alps. However, due to the absence of major technical difficulties, the ascent is done quite quickly.

  • Starting point : Bridge, Italy
  • Duration of the ascent: 2 days

Breithorn (4,164 m / 13,661 ft)

Located at the border between Switzerland and Italy, the Breithorn is one of the easiest 4,000 meter peaks to climb in Switzerland. By some estimates, it is the most frequently climbed mountain in the country.

The climb to the Breithorn begins by taking a ski lift to the Plateau Rosa (Cervinia) or the Plateau du Breithorn (Zermatt). Both plateaus are located quite high on the mountain, requiring only a few hours of climbing to reach the summit.

This climb consists mainly of crossing the glacier with crampons and an ice axe, with some tricky passages along the cornices.

  • Starting point : Zermatt, Switzerland or Cervinia, Italy
  • Duration of the ascent: 1 day

Aiguille du Tour (3,540 m / 11,610 ft)

Located at the northern end of the Mont Blanc massif, the Aiguille du Tour offers novice mountaineers an excellent opportunity to gain a quality alpine experience.

There are two main routes to reach the summit, one from the side French and another on the side Swiss. Both routes begin with a chairlift ride up to the mountain’s glacier.

After the chairlift, only basic cramponing and ice ax techniques are required to cross the glacier, before a short climb to reach the top of the rock spire.

  • Starting point : Chamonix, France
  • Duration of the ascent: 2 days

Allalinhorn (4,027 m / 13,212 ft)

Located in Swiss, not far from the Breithorn, the Allalinhorn is also widely considered one of the easiest 4,000 meter peaks to climb in the Swiss Alps.

The ascent begins with a ski lift to Mittelallalin, on the northwest ridge of the mountain. From there, climbers only have 500 vertical meters to climb to reach the summit.

This climb is mainly on the mountain glacier, which can be easily crossed with the appropriate equipment. However, caution must be exercised due to the crevasses present on the glacier.

  • Starting point : Saas-Fee, Switzerland
  • Duration of the ascent: 1 day

Bishorn (4,153 m / 13,625 ft)

Located just north of Zermatt in central Switzerland, Bishorn is another easy to climb peak in the Alps. The Bishorn is one of the northernmost 4,000 meter peaks in the Alps.

The climb begins with a day’s hike from the starting point to the mountain hut, with an elevation gain of 1,500 meters. The second day begins with the crossing of the Turtmanngletscher before climbing a snow-covered saddle to the ridge line.

The summit offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views, with incredible views of the Weisshorn and the Rhone Valley.

  • Starting point : Zinal, Switzerland
  • Duration of the ascent: 2 days