Traveling with baby and child: 8 essential tips to remember

Have you decided to go on a trip with your baby or child? Excellent idea ! However, this can sometimes be a source of stress and worry for parents. Do not panic ! Here are 8 essential tips that will help you travel peacefully with your family.

Caring for their sensitive eyes

Babies’ small eyes are particularly vulnerable to UV rays. Even if your child does not show signs of discomfort, it is crucial to have them wear sunglasses adapted. Opt for a pair with a cord that prevents the glasses from falling off.

Use appropriate mosquito protection

THE repellents are not recommended for babies under 6 months. Prefer one mosquito net to cover their bed or stroller. For older children, choose age-appropriate repellents and apply them correctly.

Apply sunscreen even in the shade

THE UV can reflect off various surfaces and even reach shaded areas. Don’t forget to apply a Solar cream and put UV protective clothing on your baby, even under a parasol.

Bring the essentials for your medical kit

Every trip requires a well-stocked medical kit. Here are some essential elements:

  • Stick sunscreen for easy and targeted application
  • Roll-on after injection to immediately relieve irritation
  • Splinter forceps to easily remove small thorns
  • Sweet almond oil to soothe dry and irritated skin
  • Solid shampoo, practical and easy to transport

Anticipate meals and snacks

Always pack a variety of snacks and meals for your baby and children. THE homemade meals can be stored in airtight containers and reheated when needed. Consider options that are both nutritious and easy to eat.

Prepare activities for long trips

Long journeys can be boring for children. Plan for travel games, books and interactive gadgets to keep them busy. Also consider calm activities like coloring or audio stories.

Create a comfortable sleeping space

Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, or in a new home, it’s crucial that your children have a sleeping area comfortable. Pack their favorite blanket, a pillow, and maybe even a portable night light to recreate a familiar environment.

Respect their pace

Vacations are often planned to maximize visits and activities, but remember that children, especially younger ones, need break. Alternate moments of discovery with relaxation breaks so that everyone can fully enjoy the trip.