The spectacular celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Air Force at the prestigious Château de Versailles

Let’s delve into the heart of history and military greatness with the flamboyant celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Air Force, which took place at the sumptuous Château de Versailles. A memorable event combining tradition, modernity and solemnity in this prestigious setting steeped in history.

An Air Show at the Royal Gardens

On Friday June 28, the ambassadors of the Air Force deployed in the sky of the Royal Gardens of the Château de Versailles. A grandiose spectacle that fulfilled the expectations of the thousands of people present to celebrate this historic event.

The Palace of Versailles welcomes the Air and Space Force

The Château de Versailles, often associated with the grandeur of the Grand Siècle, hosted this special evening for the 90th anniversary of the Air and Space Force (AAE). The prestigious setting of Great Night Waters, which enliven the Royal Gardens every weekend of the summer, served as the backdrop for this spectacular celebration.

A Millimeterized Program

The evening began at 8 p.m. sharp with a aerial ballet impressive. As Laurent Brunner, director of shows at Versailles, explained, the show depended on a careful flight plan to guarantee perfect synchronization. Despite the logistical challenges, the show went remarkably smoothly.

Dazzling Performances

The Phénix team opened the ball with paratroopers carrying a huge tricolor flag. Then, the Stampe biplanes of the Voltige team drew a huge heart in the sky, to the great admiration of the crowd. Modern devices like Gust and the enormous A400M also partially lit up the sky, their performances highlighted by a stunning cinematic soundtrack.


Highlights included:

  • The Caracal hoisting men to the sound of The Ride of the Valkyries
  • The Rafale entering the stage with the music of Inception
  • The A400M performing a loop on the notes of Impossible mission

Each maneuver elicited applause, making the atmosphere even more electric.

The Patrouille de France in Highlight

The show culminated with the highly anticipated Patrouille de France. The Alpha Jets simulated a celestial joust, marking the sky with their famous tricolor stripes. This kind of performance, where planes fly so low, is rare in Île-de-France, with the exception of July 14, which made this evening even more special.

A Dazzling and Moving Event

At nightfall, the ceremony concluded with fireworks and a ballet of drones drawing the profiles of the different Air Force aircraft in the sky. This celebration undeniably touched the hearts of the spectators, some even admitting to having felt a particular emotion despite their initial convictions.

Useful information

The Grandes Eaux Nocturnes at the Château de Versailles take place every Saturday evening, until September 21, 2024, from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Reserve your place online. Prices from 28 euros (excluding reduced rates).