How is the Jade Coast strengthening its tourist offices to attract even more visitors?


  • Highlighting assets: Highlight beaches, water activities and local gastronomy.
  • Digital communication: Strengthen presence on social networks and online booking platforms.
  • Local partnerships: Collaborate with local stakeholders to offer turnkey stays.
  • Attractive events: Organize cultural, sporting and festive events throughout the year.
  • Diversified tourist offer: Develop new activities such as green tourism and discovery tours.

As the tides change, the Jade Coast deploys innovative strategies to attract more and more visitors. Immersed in the excitement of its tourist offices, it reinvents its attractiveness to charm travelers looking for an escape.

Promote Natural Assets

There Jade Coast is not lacking in natural charms, and tourist offices have learned to maximize these assets to attract more visitors. Emphasizing the pristine beaches, THE natural parks and the protected reserves, they create interactive tours, ecological events and open days to educate tourists about the beauty and preservation of their environment.

User Experience and Digitalization

To make holiday planning on the Jade Coast more accessible, tourist offices are focusing on digitalization. They develop mobile applications and intuitive websites offering personalized itineraries, of the online reservations and interactive guides. These tools allow visitors to prepare their stay optimally before even arriving on site.

Events and Festivals

Events and festivals become powerful levers for attracting tourists. Tourist offices organize cultural festivals, of the beach concerts and sports competition throughout the year. These events are often accompanied by special promotions and attractive packages that encourage visitors to extend their stay.

Local Partnerships

To strengthen their offer and boost tourism, the tourist offices of the Jade Coast are engaging in strategic partnerships with local businesses, hotels and restaurateurs. These collaborations allow the creation of exclusive packages and preferential rates, thus encouraging tourists to choose this destination for their vacation.

Training and Welcome

A warm and professional welcome is crucial to retaining visitors. Tourist office agents benefit from regular training to improve their skills in customer service and in multilingual communication. Welcome days and briefings are regularly organized to ensure that the entire team is aligned on visitor satisfaction objectives.

Heritage Enhancement

Promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the region is another crucial strategy. Guided tours and thematic visits are organized to allow visitors to discover the architectural treasures, THE historical sites and the local traditions of the Jade Coast.

Visitor Feedback and Engagement

Tourist offices actively solicit visitor feedback to continually improve their offering. Satisfaction questionnaires and online review platforms are used to collect comments and suggestions. This makes it possible to adjust the services offered and integrate new ideas for an ever more enriching experience.

By combining natural promotion, digitalization, events, local partnerships, professional training and heritage promotion, the tourist offices of the Jade Coast succeed in attracting a growing number of visitors and retaining them. Each initiative is designed to offer a unique and memorable experience, ensuring that this destination remains popular all year round.