You will never guess which cabin suitcase is at the top of our top 4 of the best!


  • Top 4 of the best cabin suitcases
  • Revelation of the suitcase at the top of the ranking
  • Discover the ideal suitcase for your travels
  • Selection criteria for a perfect cabin suitcase

You will never guess which cabin suitcase is at the top of our top 4 of the best! In this article, we will discover together which model takes first place, for traveling light and stylish.

Welcome to our new selection of the best cabin suitcases – an essential quest for any discerning traveler. After rigorous testing, here are our top 4 cabin suitcases that exceed all expectations.

Demanding selection criteria

We studied each model in detail, taking into account various criteria: robustness, weight, maneuverability and additional features such as compartments or security options. All of these elements are crucial for a cabin suitcase that can accompany you flawlessly on your adventures.

Top 4 of the best cabin suitcases

1. Samsonite Neopulse: This suitcase stands out for its elegant design and incomparable lightness. Made of polycarbonate, it is impact resistant and ensures extreme durability.

2. Rimowa Essential Cabin S: Known for its robustness, this aluminum model is perfect for those who don’t want to leave anything to chance. Its well-appointed interior makes organization easy.

3. Horizn Studios Model M: This one stands out for its high-tech options, including an integrated charger for your electronic devices. Perfect for geeks on the go!

4. Delsey Chatelet Air: Combining tradition and innovation, this polycarbonate suitcase is equipped with a unique braking system to avoid unexpected trips.

Our surprising number one pick

The suitcase that topped our ranking is the Samsonite Neopulse. Not only for its light weight but also for its ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. Its hard shell and practical interior layout make it an ideal choice.

Why choose a quality cabin suitcase?

A good cabin suitcase doesn’t just carry your stuff; it should also secure your valuables and give you easy access to the essentials. A quality suitcase elevates your travel experience, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment.

Shopping Tips

Before you make your choice, keep these points in mind:

  • Weight: Choose a lightweight suitcase to maximize space for your belongings.
  • Materials: Opt for durable materials like polycarbonate or aluminum.
  • Maneuverability: Multi-directional wheels and an ergonomic handle are essential.
  • Features: Look for models with thoughtful compartments and security options like TSA locks.

Hope this guide helps you find the perfect cabin suitcase for your next adventures. Have a good trip !