Exploring French nature: discovering the magnificent Abers coast

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Abers Coast, a natural gem located in France and ideal for adventure and discovery. Follow us for a captivating exploration of its wild landscapes, its secret coves and its centuries-old traditions. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and diversity of this unique region, where nature reigns supreme and enchants travelers looking for an escape.

France is a veritable gold mine for nature lovers. Between its national and regional parks, its sparkling lakes, and its majestic mountains, there is something to delight all outdoor enthusiasts. But today, I invite you on an exceptional trip to the heart of Brittany, on the superb Abers coast, a little-known gem just waiting to be discovered.

Wild Brittany in all its splendor

There Abers coast is located on the northern coast of Finistère and is famous for its spectacular landscapes. This Breton coastline is marked by rias and estuaries, deep valleys dug by the sea which go deep into the land, such as the Aber-Wrac’h and the Aber-Benoît. It is a setting of striking contrasts, where the sea rises and falls, revealing a completely different environment at low tide, with muddy bottoms and rich biodiversity.

As you walk, you will discover majestic cliffs, fine sandy beaches, rocky islands and islets, as well as lush vegetation. A true paradise for nature lovers, without forgetting the picturesque fishing villages, emblematic lighthouses like that of the Virgin Island, as well as historic manors and castles.

Activities for nature exploration

The Abers coast offers a multitude of activities for all tastes:

  • Hiking: Many marked trails run along the abers, allowing you to discover the region at your own pace.
  • Kayak and Sailing: Explore the rias and estuaries from the water for a unique perspective on these natural wonders.
  • Diving: Discover the rich marine life that lies beneath the surface.

There is something to satisfy all your adventure desires, while immersing yourself in local history and traditions.

The dark memory of the Amoco Cadiz

A dramatic event marked the history of the Abers coast. On March 16, 1978, the Liberian tanker Amoco Cadiz, carrying 227,000 tonnes of crude oil, ran aground on the Men Goulven Reefs, off the coast of Portsall. This shipwreck is one of the worst ecological disasters in French history, releasing millions of tons of oil and devastating local flora and fauna. Even after decades, this event remains remembered as a grim reminder of the importance of protecting our environment.

Discoveries around

Take advantage of your visit to the Abers coast to explore the surrounding area:

  • Morlaix has Brest : Discover this magnificent coast with its charming little ports like Le Conquet, Plounéour-Brignognan Beaches, And Plouescat.
  • Crozon peninsula: Unmissable for its breathtaking landscapes.
  • Batz Island, Ushant, And Mullein : Island treasures not to be missed.
  • For lovers of inland areas, don’t miss the Armorique regional natural park, THE Monts d’Arrée, and the Huelgoat forest.

In short, the Abers coast and its surroundings constitute a perfect destination for a nature getaway combining wild beauty, rich history and diversity of activities. A unique experience to live fully.

> Practical information: www.abers-tourisme.com