Going on vacation by car with children: how to manage the time spent in front of screens?

Imagine embarking on a road trip, with family, with eager children to entertain during long hours of travel. Between songs, games and discussions, the delicate question of time spent in front of screens arises. How to combine entertainment and education for enriching car journeys? Discover tips for managing screen time in a balanced way during your next road trip.

The importance of preparing for the trip

Summer vacation is fast approaching and for many families, that means long car journeys across France to reach sunny destinations or ski resorts. However, driving with children can be a real challenge, especially when they require screens to pass time. Nearly 59% of vacationers choose the car as a means of transport and many parents are dreading this moment.

Traditional entertainment above all

Before giving in to calls from smartphones and tablets, why not try traditional solutions to entertain the little ones? Here are some ideas:

  • Play travel games like “I see something…” or riddles.
  • Bring books or audiobooks to stimulate their imagination.
  • Encourage observation of the scenery and discuss interesting things you see along the way.

These activities not only entertain, but also strengthen family bonds and create memorable memories.

Screens as the ultimate solution

Although screens can be an easy escape, it is crucial to limit their use. An OpinionWay study reveals that 45% of parents find screens effective in keeping their children occupied during long journeys. However, this easy solution carries risks, particularly in terms of cognitive development.

Balance screen time

It is essential to find a balance between time spent in front of screens and other activities. Here are some tips:

  • Use screens only for the final moments of the trip, when no other distractions are working.
  • Schedule regular breaks so children can stretch their legs and clear their minds.
  • Choose educational apps or instructive videos to make this time more beneficial.

Parents also have the right to vacation

The temptation to leave children in front of screens to have a moment of respite is understandable. 49% of parents admit that they will probably allow their children to watch TV or play on their phones so they can enjoy their vacation. However, too much screen time can ruin the experience for everyone.

Make digital detox a family mission

Why not take advantage of the holidays to establish a digital detox ? Disconnecting from screens allows you to live in the present moment and really enjoy family activities. Some recommendations:

  • Organize outdoor activities like hikes, cultural visits or picnics.
  • Plan family board game nights.
  • Avoid bringing screens during outings and encourage conversations.

Optimize the journey for a seamless experience

In summary, managing screen time during a long car ride with children requires a preparation and an planning. Alternate between traditional activities and limited screen time to ensure an enjoyable trip for the whole family. After all, vacations are an opportunity to create unforgettable memories together, far from digital demands.