Discover a new way of traveling: equestrian tourism

Enter an extraordinary universe where traveling rhymes with adventure and connection with nature. Equestrian tourism offers you an authentic and enriching experience, combining discovery of new landscapes and complicity with horses. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments and explore the world in a unique and fascinating way.

Why choose equestrian tourism?

THE equestrian tourism is not necessarily the first activity that comes to mind for a vacation, and yet, it offers a perfect combination of change of scenery, proximity to nature, and adventure. Whether you are looking for unique family moments or solo getaways to recharge your batteries, horseback riding adds an exceptional dimension to your trip.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, young or old, horse riding is suitable for everyone. The moments of sharing and the new experiences that result from them are unforgettable.

Learn about the world of horses with a club course

For those who are not yet familiar with the world of horses, an internship in equestrian club is ideal. These courses, lasting a few hours to several days, allow you to tame these majestic creatures and become familiar with the basics of horse riding. More fun pony clubs are also available for the little ones, offering them not only a first equestrian experience but also new friendships.

Immersion in an equestrian center and discovery of various disciplines

An immersion in riding stable opens the doors to many other equestrian disciplines. Whether you are a novice or experienced, this is an opportunity to discover practices such as archery on horseback, aerobatics, polo or even horseball. These activities help develop bonds of trust and a unique bond with the animal, while encouraging team spirit.

Horseback riding: a getaway in the great outdoors

Among the most popular equestrian activities, horseback riding offers a total escape from everyday life. Whether for half a day or several days, this activity is an opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes, between mountains, beaches and forests. Imagine bivouacing under the stars after a day spent exploring steep paths. Horseback riding is also a perfect choice for fans of eco-responsible tourism wishing to experience a vacation as close as possible to nature.

Horseback riding: the luxury of rejuvenation

If you are simply looking to have a good time with family or friends, a horse riding is the activity for you. Soothing and relaxing, it allows you to connect with nature and let go. Whether you are on vacation or at home, a horseback ride offers you the opportunity to discover new horizons while recharging your batteries.

So why not incorporate equestrian tourism into your next getaway? Proximity with nature, adventure and relaxation will be there. Dare this new way of traveling!

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