Raw dogging: the revolutionary method for traveling by plane in complete freedom?

  • Raw dogging : a revolutionary method for traveling by plane
  • Freedom : travel without constraints
  • Benefits : flexibility and savings
  • Security : measures to take

Raw dogging, an innovative method for traveling by plane without constraints. Discover how this revolutionary approach is changing the way we travel and enabling total freedom while traveling the world.

Gabriel Dupuis, passionate writer, travel and adventure expert, aims to share the benefits of raw dogging by plane. His writing style is captivating, offering a unique perspective on air travel without constraints.

A new dimension of freedom in flight

While some passengers pass the time by reading books or enjoying airline snacks, others indulge in a trend popularized on TikTok of literally doing nothing along a flight. This phenomenon is better known under the name of “Raw dogging”.

A minimalist approach to air travel

THE Raw dogging is a tendency self-imposed which consists of traveling in a state of almost total sensory deprivation. Travelers therefore avoid using headphones, watching films or even consuming food during flights without interacting with any external stimulus.

The motivations behind this trend

Several factors have encouraged travelers to take on this challenge. THE low-cost airlines who charge extra for on-board amenities and snacks encourage this minimalist method of saving money.

  • Financial savings
  • Seeking mental rest
  • Reduction of sensory stimulation

A personal and mental challenge

For some, the Raw dogging is a challenge to their own mental limits. Influencers like British DJ Wudini and Australian musician Torren Foot have shared their experiences of this trend on TikTok, where they describe multi-hour flights without entertainment to test their mental stamina.

The potential benefits

Michael Ceely, a Californian therapist, also tried this method. According to him, this challenge can offer a rare opportunity for mental rest and zenitude. Followers of this trend report a feeling of calm and increased concentration during and after the flight.

Risks and precautions

Although the Raw dogging may appeal to people wanting minimalist experiences, this challenge is not without risks. Prolonged periods without distraction can lead to serious health problems such as dehydration or venous thrombosis following prolonged immobility. Additionally, the lack of entertainment can cause boredom and anxiety, making flying uncomfortable and mentally taxing.

  • Hydration monitoring
  • Regular exercises to avoid thrombosis
  • Periods of relaxation and meditation

In search of pure minimalism

This practice nods to a series in which the protagonist struggles to fix the seat in front of him. While the disconnect may seem perplexing to some, it continues to attract new enthusiasts looking to rediscover the simplicity and focus of flight.

Whether you’re considering joining this trend or prefer traditional methods of travel, the Raw dogging remains a fascinating topic that sheds unique light on how we can choose to travel by air.