Exploring the natural beauty of France: discovering the peak and valley of Ossau

Welcome to a journey to the heart of the wild and majestic nature of France, to discover the peak and the valley of Ossau. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the mountainous landscapes, between dizzying peaks and green valleys, for an enriching and unforgettable experience. Follow me through these exceptional lands, where natural beauty is revealed in all its facets.

A Journey to the Heart of the Pyrenees: The Ossau Valley

Nestled in the heart of Haut-Bearn, the Ossau valley is a rare pearl. It stretches majestically over around fifty kilometers, from the peaceful town of Rébénacq to the Col du Pourtalet on the Spanish border. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled nature, this valley is a true Safe Haven for lovers of nature and serenity.

The jewel of this region, without a doubt, is the Pic du Midi d’Ossau. Proudly erected at 2,886 meters above sea level, this iconic peak dominates the valley and attracts mountaineers from around the world. The Pic d’Ossau, with its imposing peaks, represents a real challenge for mountain lovers.

A setting of nature

The Ossau valley is also a green setting where the fauna and flora are protected. Imagine yourself wandering among peaceful herds of sheep and cows, whose creamy milk is used to produce delicious cheeses. Admire the glacial cirques, crystal clear streams and lakes set in the mountains, perfect for a fishing trip.

This exceptional territory is also an integral part of the Pyrenees National Park, offering visitors a natural setting of rare and authentic beauty. Forests, meadows, and majestic peaks complete this idyllic picture.

Outdoor activities

The Ossau valley is not only a paradise for contemplatives. It also offers a range of outdoor activities for all tastes and all seasons. In winter, snow sports enthusiasts will be delighted by the region’s ski slopes. In summer, the valley transforms into a playground for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

You can also try your hand at white water sports or even take to the air with a paragliding session. The marked trails promise memorable hikes through breathtaking landscapes.

Local Gastronomy: L’Ossau-Iraty

Beyond its enchanting landscapes, the Ossau valley is also renowned for its exceptional cheese,Ossau-Iraty. This uncooked pressed sheep cheese takes its name from the Pic du Midi d’Ossau and the Iraty forest.

The characteristics of Ossau-Iraty:

  • Uncooked pressed sheep cheese
  • Refining for at least 4 months
  • Fruity and nutty flavor
  • Natural brownish crust

Made from milk from free-range sheep, it is distinguished by its rich and tasty taste, a reflection of the Pyrenean terroir. Its firm and creamy texture makes it a delicacy, which can be enjoyed as is or incorporated into various culinary recipes.

Adventures in the Surroundings

If you have the pleasure of discovering the Ossau valley, do not miss visiting the surrounding sites for a complete immersion in the magic of the Pyrenees.

Here are some ideas for visits:

  • There Aspe Valley and the Barétous Valley
  • THE Holzarte gorges
  • THE Betharram caves
  • The Spanish valleys of Anso And Hecho

Then set off to explore the charming villages of Lourdes, Pau, Navarrenx And Saint-Jean-Pied de Port, very close to the Ossau valley.

For more information, visit www.valleedossau.com.