Discover Arizona through its unusual mining towns

Immerse yourself in the heart of Arizona and discover its unusual mining towns, true witnesses to the history and soul of this fascinating state in the American West. Let yourself be taken on a journey off the beaten track, to encounter places full of mysteries and adventures, where each alley tells a forgotten story and each building displays the colors of the mining epic.

Leave aside the usual broad clichés and embark on a captivating adventure through the mining towns of Arizona. Known for its Grand Canyon, this state also hides historical and cultural gems between its mountains and deserts. Embark on a journey where each city offers a little history lesson and a healthy dose of adventure.

A dive into Arizona’s mining history

Arizona, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon State”, is also famous for its rich mining heritage. The 19th century saw the emergence of these mining towns thanks to the discovery and exploitation of copper. Today, these cities have found a new vitality, combining history and modern discoveries for visitors.

Bisbee, artists in the heart of a mining town

Bisbee, a city in southern Arizona, is a fascinating intersection of mining past and present-day artistic culture. The mine Copper Queen, once thriving, is now a living museum where former miners tell you about their experiences. Stroll the mural-adorned streets and explore antique shops, art galleries and quaint restaurants.

Clifton and its copper festival

Each November, Clifton celebrates its proud mining heritage with the international “Colors of Copper Art” festival. The streets fill with copper works created by artists from around the world. Be sure to take a ride on the Coronado Trail for stunning views and a quick photo op in front of the Clifton Cliff Prison and the locomotive Copperhead.

Ajo, between nature and mining history

At the gateway to Mexico, Ajo is perfect for nature and history lovers. The New Cornelia opencast mine offers impressive views, while the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument attracts hikers with its unique cacti. Don’t forget to visit the historic Ajo Plaza and appreciate the local street art.

Jerome and his ghosts

Jerome, perched on a hill, is a former mining town transformed into a tourist destination with vintage charm. Take part in the “Jerome Ghost Tour” to discover its many haunted buildings and explore the mine Gold King looking for nuggets. Don’t miss Ghost Town, a quaint mini-town full of vintage mining trucks and equipment.

Clarkdale by Scenic Train

Enjoy a unique journey by taking the railway Green Canyon in Clarkdale. This scenic train experience along the Verde River offers spectacular views. For those who prefer adventure, kayak down the river and end your day with a wine tasting in the Green Valley.

Superior, from copper to botanical treasures

Superior is a nature lover’s paradise, thanks to the Arboretum Boyce Thompson and its 10,000 desert plants. Discover the Sonoran Desert through the trail Legends of Superior Trail or try rock climbing at Queen Creek Canyon. Enjoy the festival Apache Leap Mining in love with local tradition.

Globe-Miami, twin cities with a mining heart

Globe and Miami continue to attract visitors with their hiking trails and architectural heritage. Venture on the Stairizona Trail to see Globe’s murals and painted staircases, then explore the historic mine in Old Dominion Park. Finish with a refreshing stop at Lake Roosevelt.