5 reasons why I chose to stay in Pai, Northern Thailand

Imagine a small village nestled in the heart of the mountains, where time seems to pass peacefully. It was in Pai, in the north of Thailand, that this captivating atmosphere captivated me. As the days went by, I discovered five reasons that convinced me to put down my bags and stay in this haven of peace. Follow me through this adventure where authenticity and serenity are the key words.

My decision to stay in Pai

When we think of Thailand, Bangkok, southern beaches and majestic temples often come to mind. But for me, it’s the peaceful little village of Pai who captured my heart. Located in Mae Hong Son province, Pai offers a relaxed vibe and breathtaking scenery that can’t be found anywhere else.

A pleasant arrival

From Chiang Mai to reach Pai is already an adventure in itself. Whether you choose the bus, minivan, or even a motorbike, the two and a half hour journey offers breathtaking views of the green mountains. For my part, I opted for a minivan for 200 baht, about $5, and loved every minute of the scenic trip.

Affordable and charming accommodations

Pai is known for its cheap accommodation options. You can choose between bamboo bungalows surrounded by nature, guest houses or even traditional Thai style houses. When I arrived, I found a lovely bungalow for only $250 a month. After a few months, a Thai friend helped me find a house 2 km from the center for 4000 baht per month, including electricity, hot water and Wi-Fi.

  • Bamboo bungalows
  • Guest houses
  • Thai style houses

Exceptional cuisine

Another strong point of Pai is undoubtedly his cuisine. Local markets are full of tropical fruits like mangoes, papayas and fruit dragons. For just a few bahts, you can taste smoothies or incredible local dishes.

  • Khao Soi: a noodle curry for 70 baht.
  • Som Tam: a fresh papaya salad for 60 baht.
  • Moo Yang: grilled pork for only 50 baht.

A lively and harmonious community

The community of Pai is incredibly welcoming and diverse. Locals and expatriates live in harmony and respect each other. Places like the Good Life Dacha offer daily activities such as yoga, meditation and crafts, strengthening bonds between locals and visitors.

Reliable and affordable healthcare system

HAS Pai, health services are easily accessible and affordable. In a minor accident, I received quality care at the local hospital for only 1,400 baht, or about $38 without insurance. The facilities are modern and the staff are professional and friendly.

Stunning natural beauty

For nature lovers, Pai is a true paradise! Between the Pai Canyon, hot springs, and magnificent waterfalls like Pam Bok and Mor Paeng, there is no shortage of outdoor activities. My favorite pastime remains exploring these sublime landscapes on a motorbike, an economical and practical means of transport in the region.

  • Pai Canyon: Perfect for sunset and sunrise.
  • Pai Hot Springs: Ideal for relaxation.
  • Pam Bok and Mor Paeng Waterfalls: Entry at 100 baht, perfect for a peaceful day.

Pai offers a unique combination of natural beauty, warm community, delicious cuisine and affordable living costs. These aspects combined make it difficult not to extend your stay in this corner of paradise in northern Thailand.