What are the absolute essentials for the perfect vacation? Discover the essential products to prepare for your trip!


Essentials for the perfect vacation:

  • Well organized suitcase
  • Sun cream to protect yourself
  • Travel guide so you don’t miss anything
  • Camera to immortalize your memories
  • Universal adapter to be ready in all countries
  • Swimsuit to enjoy the beach or pool
  • International bank card to avoid financial worries
  • First aid kit for minor injuries
  • Charging your smartphone to stay connected

The ideal vacation begins with careful preparation, and for this, having the right products is essential. Discover in this article the absolute essentials to take with you to guarantee a perfect and stress-free vacation.

Packing your suitcase: The essentials not to forget

Going on vacation can be as exciting as it is stressful, especially when it comes to packing your suitcase. Nothing worse than realizing, once you arrive at your destination, that an essential accessory is missing. To help you avoid this kind of hassle, here is a selection of essential items to pack for a hassle-free trip.

Comfort accessories for the journey

The travel pillow: If you are planning a long journey by plane, car or coach, a travel pillow is a must. It allows you to rest comfortably in a seated position by supporting your neck. Opt for a memory foam model for optimal comfort.
The sleeping mask: If you are sensitive to light, consider bringing a sleeping mask. It will be particularly useful if your accommodation does not have opaque shutters.

Practicality and organization: The essentials

The foldable toiletry bag: Choose one foldable toiletry bag which hangs allows you to save space and have easy access to your beauty and hygiene products. Take a model with several pockets to better organize your belongings.
Luggage organizers: These zipped bags are perfect for compartmentalizing your suitcase. They allow you to separate clean clothes from dirty ones, store accessories or simply better organize your belongings.

Tech and practical accessories

The external battery: If you often use your smartphone to take photos or communicate, a external battery is essential. It will allow you to recharge your devices at any time.
The luggage scale: To avoid unpleasant surprises when checking in at the airport, a luggage scale will help you check that you do not exceed the authorized weight limit.

Clothes always impeccable

The portable steamer: When traveling, your clothes can get wrinkled easily in your suitcase. A portable steamer steam is the perfect solution. Compact and battery operated, it removes wrinkles from your clothes in no time.

Security and peace of mind

The secret pocket: To keep your documents and valuables safe, a secret pouch to wear under your clothes is a good option. It protects your personal belongings from pickpockets.

Relaxation moments and memories

The Bluetooth speaker: Bring a little music during your getaways with a Bluetooth speaker. It will prove useful for livening up your evenings or listening to your favorite music anywhere.
The camera : If you prefer traditional photography to that of your smartphone, bring a camera. It will allow you to capture unforgettable memories of your trip.

Tips for choosing the right suitcase

The soft suitcase: Light and stretchy, the soft suitcase is ideal for trips where you might need flexibility. Perfect for city breaks where shopping is planned.
The rigid suitcase: If you are traveling by plane and plan to put your suitcase in the hold, opt for a rigid suitcase. It is robust and better resistant to shocks and bad weather.
The cabin suitcase: For short trips or long weekends, a cabin suitcase is recommended. Make sure it meets the dimensions required by the airline.
By following these tips and including these practical and comfortable accessories, you will be ready to fully enjoy your vacation without any worries. Have a good trip !