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  • Discover the true hidden treasure of Peru with Condor Travel !
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At the heart of the hidden splendors of Peru lies a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered. Condor Travel invites you on a unique adventure, to encounter the cultural and natural riches of this fascinating country. Let yourself be enchanted by the mysteries of Peru and set off to discover its unsuspected wonders.

A tasty start to Lima

Condor Travel invites you to begin your stay in the vibrant capital of Peru: Lima. Here, urban culture merges with ancient history, offering a wealth of unforgettable experiences. A walk in the bohemian district of Barranco will immerse you in a chic atmosphere bordered by the sea. The participants of this trip particularly appreciated the local culinary discovery with the ceviche, an iconic dish consisting of raw fish marinated in lemon juice, and the famous cocktail pisco sour.

An unmissable visit to the majestic Saint John Cathedral, located in the Plaza de Armas, as well as a colorful religious procession, will round off this first step perfectly.

Cultural Exploration in Arequipa

Nicknamed “the white city” for its buildings made of light volcanic stones, Arequipa immediately seduces. Among the city’s gems, don’t miss the Monastery of Santa Catalina, a site of spirituality and peace founded in 1579. Visiting this place, you will discover splendid colorful cloisters, ornate chapels and lush gardens.

Arequipa’s Plaza de Armas, with its majestic cathedral surrounded by volcanoes and palm trees, is ideal for a moment of relaxation before strolling through the local market, vibrant with life with its stalls of fresh fruit, cocoa and exotic flowers .

On the roads of the Altiplano

On the way to Puno, cross the desert highlands of the Altiplano, where llamas and alpacas reign supreme. This journey through the Andes Cordillera, punctuated with photo stops and coke breaks to combat altitude sickness, offers a wild and grandiose setting at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

Immersion on the shores of Lake Titicaca

On the banks of the Lake Titicaca, in Taquile, participants will be able to experience magical moments. Aboard a colorful sailboat, they will fish and enjoy a sunset ride on the highest navigable lake in the world. The locals will warmly welcome visitors with traditional songs and dances.

The village of Taquile, made up of 14 families, offers immersion in local life, allowing tourists to participate in agricultural work and school activities. This experience, respectful of local culture, is a valuable source of income thanks to Condor Travel.

Authentic visit to the Misminays

In the afternoon at the Misminay is a journey rich in humanity. Visitors, dressed in traditional costumes, will share a generous meal with locals and participate in a ceremony of thanks to Pachamama, “Mother Earth”. This opportunity also allows you to discover traditional weaving techniques.

Condor Travel supports this community by promoting participatory tourism that respects local traditions.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Cusco, former capital of the Inca Empire, is an essential stopover for its historical treasures. There Sacred Valley reveals impressive sites such as the Maras Salt Flats and the Moray archaeological site. These places demonstrate the ingenuity of the Incas in various fields, such as salt harvesting and agriculture.

Majestic Machu Picchu

THE Machu Picchu, a jewel nestled at an altitude of 2400 meters, is an unparalleled experience. This sacred site offers breathtaking views of the mountains and agricultural terraces, evoking landscapes worthy of the world of Avatar. As Lætitia from the Nomade Aventure agency points out, this legendary visit is much more impressive in reality than in all the photos seen before.

This emblematic place of Peru is a must for all travelers in search of mystery and majesty.

Commitment from Condor Travel

Since 1977, Condor Travel stands out for its expertise and impeccable service. Present in several South American countries, Condor Travel practices a eco-responsible tourism, supported by its NGO Wings, certified by Rainforest Alliance, and has obtained distinctions for its sustainable involvement. The agency is committed to offering authentic experiences while respecting local communities and the environment.

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