The benefits for your children of keeping a travel journal

Exploring new horizons is a stimulating adventure for the whole family. Now imagine if your children could keep track of these unforgettable memories with a travel diary! Not only would this be fun, but it would also have many benefits for their development. Find out in this article how to encourage your children to keep a travel diary and the benefits it can bring them.

A Tangible and Emotional Memory

Imagine your children leafing through their travel diaries years later, with a nostalgic smile on their lips. THE travel diaries offer your young explorers the chance to keep physical memories of their adventures, well beyond digital photos. Collages, drawings and small handwritten notes become timeless treasures, immortalizing every moment experienced during your family escapades.

Stimulate Creativity and Expression

Write and draw allows children to digest and express their emotions. Younger children, who do not yet know how to write, can illustrate what they see and feel through colorful sketches. As for older children, they can write stories and learn to skilfully describe their adventures, thus developing their writing skills and their self-confidence.

Encourage Curiosity and Observation

Keeping a travel diary turns each outing into a real treasure hunt. Children become more attentive to details, look for interesting items to include in their notebooks and ask questions about the places they visit. This activity awakens their curiosity and makes them more observant, encouraging them to explore and discover the world around them.

Promote Sharing and Exchanges

A travel journal is also a wonderful sharing medium. When you get home, your children can show off their creations family and friends. These moments of sharing strengthen family ties and allow us to relive adventures together. Even on site, writing and drawing with the help of parents becomes a collaborative activity that enriches travel experiences.

Get away from the screens

In these hyper-connected times, keeping a travel diary is a great way to keep children away from screens. This hands-on activity engages their minds and hands, encouraging them to focus on the present and develop creative and practical skills.

How to Start a Travel Journal

Here are some tips to help your children start their travel diary:

  • Provide materials: A spiral notebook, pencils, markers, glue and scissors.
  • Encourage creative freedom: No strict rules, let them draw, write and paste whatever they want.
  • Suggest themes: Draw monuments, write anecdotes, stick museum tickets, etc.
  • Support them: Participate as a family, suggest ideas and be enthusiastic about their creations.

Ready to Use Notebooks

To make the task easier, many companies now offer pre-structured and fun travel diaries. These notebooks include dedicated writing spaces, stickers, and destination information. Hotels, holiday camps and even airlines often offer them as small gifts to keep young travelers occupied.